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Pruning Evergreens

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I nave boen thiuking fov years that one iojiic of interest to our citizens os well as fiirmer's, 1-;:s been iicgleeted by tliis and othor hortieultural jounials so far as I ave seon. This topic is " Pruning Evergreens." We should pruno the evergreen for a very different object from that 01 yruning the deciduous tree. These we prune to lot in tho sim and wind ; tho former, if at all, to keep them out ; but I tiiirtlc not one in. tiMÜtUkd in the count.ry,afld not rro i a hvttdnd in thecitics and villages ever feit a knife. The public grounds of our State aro wonderfully neglected in this particular. Tho State Reform School at Waukesha has man} beautiful young trees which. if pruning were coinmenced now, would ïncrea8e twenty-fold in beauty in the preset deoade. It would require but a day or so each year, at present - whon older it would nood more time to go over their oxpanded surface. Those at Madison Capítol Square are anything but ornanienial in my estimation, and, I do not know as pruning would thicken their exterior jmicli, as they aro too much shaded üy thoso dceiduous forest trees, but I think tliey ïiiijrht v? much improved, There are mafiy more trees in Madison, belonging to citizens, that have good exposure, and if pruned might havo been truly beautiful with their exterior surfaco an unbroken sheet of green. Bnt instead of this, what do wo find throughout our towns and country ï With here and thero an Isolatea exception, the branches of the evergreens are scarcely near enough to be neighbors. üiiine have grown uninterruptcd msny feet from the stem, whilo otlicrshave only mad ft feint in that direetion, which renders their appeai-ance most revolting to an eyo accustomed to thoso beautiful, pymmetrieal, spiral or oval tops, pruned cylindrical, square or triangular, a straight cdge from the top to the ground, or any fantastic form you wish. I havo ono pruned to give the appearance of a small tree growing from the top of the spiro of a largor onc, another in the shape of a triangle. I prune in May or June, about tho timo the new growth commences ; but for those that have npver been pvuned, commence befoi-e tne new growth in siring. Cut the leaders or long branches to about two or three inehes of the base of last year's growth, or the forks, so that they can have a number of buds for tho new growth whieh will make so many branches, the longest of which may bc cut again at midsununer. Continue .every year to out the longest till thoy are all of nearly equal length, and the number of their branches will havo multiplied to so great an extent that their foliage will appear an unbroken covering of green. You conld not put your hand between the bmrsches and the leaves. The finest trees I havo ooii were those of tho Hon. Philetus Sawyer, of Oshkosh, with oval tojis, which plan I shall practice as soon as mine get 12 or more foet high. I saw somc at Oborlin, Ohio, older and nmch thicker at tho exterior, which were as Bymmetrical as turned work. I think all green trees will be improved by trimming, but do not know so well about the firs. -


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