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A Thousand Weeds At One Pull

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A single pigweed, if lefi undisturbed, will riptn more than 10,000 seeds, each capable of producing a successor. The goeds of the dock sometimos number 13,000 on a single plant and the toad flax leaves provisión for moro than 45,000 ylimts the following year. Burdock will multiply 21,000 fold, and the common stingiug nettlu ripon8 100,000 seeds Scarcely a weed comes to maturity without soatU:ring from 1,000 to 10,000 ormore eeds, to injure crops and aunoy the cultivator. This is not mere guess-work, fot paíns-taking investigators have actualYy countod the increase. A single pull at the eommencement of the season will detroy the whole progeny. It should bc rememberod that seeds mature suffieicntly to veget&te beforo they re perfectly dry ; and again, that tho secds are ripo on ono partof a plant while therc are floweiu on another. Heneo it is bg4 safe to wait till tho flowers are gone, Before pulling up weeds. Attaek them bcfore they blossom. Pull them up, or, if anmiui,. cut ttunn off when quite green; ná) spread them in tho sun to die. Ho who allows tho wceds to grow in his potato field until In; harvcsts tho erop ís quite ure to sow many millions of teeds for next yojir's tronble. "ibis mucii ifit Muiual and biennial weeds. P(;rcnnials, liko tho dooft, êtiviay, nd thistle, should be troated with greateT ligor. Cutting off the tops once -will not wrfRoo. Digging them up one by one, ropt and branch, is the only effectual icmedy. Whero they ha- iiivad'eóT a whole field, plow up the land in tho fall, 'dttTinR-jnauy. aé tlio roots oxposed to tho action of Üxe winter's frost. Plow agaio in the spring, taking pains to gisk out and earry otf every root that appears. Devote fiie soil hoed erop, and let it be fpefttedly and thoroughly cultivatod rough the sunimer, waging wir uppn rilo pesia without any rolenting. lf Ihey aro cut off bclow grounrt timers in tbe sttmnier, thoy will prro'w veaker at every dccipitalioti. Tholcavus, beong the lu:i;'S of plailts, are WOOflBlu to tlirir ln.aíliinfí, íindif this important optfTstíuB be stoppel, tliry must BOOA fíive up tio gliost. Kcraombcr, ovoty cxtoi-mination of a weed this year is {"lie death of a thoü saiicl of the future croj.


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