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A New Plan Of Graining

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cess Has rocently buen announced in Europo i'or huitating the graina of wood of different kinds with tho most perfect exactness, whioh cousists in using a pioce of tho wood to bu imitated as a píate for taking off an accurate iniprossion of tho texture. To do this a pieoo of wood is scleoted of line quality and approved grain, about five fuet long, twelve inohus wide, and a quartor of an inch thick, well cleancd on oth sides, and niado gmooth with sand-paper. A ohomical preporation is then applied to tho wood, whioh has the effect of opening ita poras and at tho sanie timo hardouing jts surfaoe : and when the board tltus prepared is thoroughly diied, it constituios a wood píate for prtntmg. Tho material with whioh the imprussion is to be made is preparod in oil, and is especiully adapted for transferring. Tho paint is appliod to tho board by means of a mller, and saperfluoua quantity of prvint being removed with a palletto. Tho gized paper, preparad expresdy, ia then laid ovor the board, and both ai-e passed through tho rollers ; and when the paper is stnpped off froin the wood, it canios it with all tho paint, marked off with tho grains of tho wood, The paper is then to bo applied tu tho surfaco on which tho iiitiitÍQ!i is to bo ett'yoted, with tluï paiiited sili downward, of CQurso, and tho back of the impressing is lightly rabbed with a pieos of light fiannol, üii atlipping.tlff the yaper a,'e simite of . the I is left bolund. The pthof dotails of the procoss are givon t iength in the aooount, of whioh the present is only au abstract, and wo presumo that if not alroady introducod into this country it soon wül be, and omployed largoly for 1 dooorotive purposex.


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