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Not To Be Beaten

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shire man and a man from Ohio chanced to meet at a public dinuer in New York.' The man from Ohio suggested to him of the Granite stato that it mightbe advantageous to hün to romove to the West, especially if he proposed to follow the of a farmer. The Yankee couMn't seo it : therp was no Stato in the Union; equal to New Hampshire. Ho of the Buekeye State could not aime to this- t Ohio was inferior to New Hampshiro in, no respect, while in many rcspoets she was superior. The Yankee demunded to know a superior feature. The Buekeye commenced to enumérate ; but as fast a he presen ted his claims of superiority, his antagonist unhesitatingly swopt them away by bold and vigorous declarations to the contrary. At leugth, wliei) all sources of argument hád boon exhausted, tho Buckeye confidently observed : " You will at least allow that Ohio jusfcly claims suporiority over New Hanipsliire iu poiut of the extent of teiritory ' " " No, sir ! " . promptly arni onthusi 'Mically responded the Yankee. " Your 8tutu sproiitls out bocause it is flat. Look at the mountains of Xew Hampshire Goodness mercy ! Just roll 'om out flat, and they'd make trritory enough to cover up the whole of Ohio, and lili up a big slice of Lako Erie ! " The flower of t ry floiver. . é ! Thft making of a ood-fitting ooat in.i.' i l;, 1 1 - of t'onn.


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