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The Trial Of Dr. Lanahan

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íTew York, June 24. The Methodist Book Committee, which Eas boen in executive session all day, receivlng evidcnco in tho Lanahan investigntion, gave a decisión thiscvening. Lanahan was suspended by a vote of eleven to four. New YORK, June 25. The four membere of' the Methodist Book Gommittee votingagaiust the deposition.oiDr. Lanahan from tho assistant ageney wore Kev. Mpssre. Pike, Maltby, Venteo and Slicor, the! tter of whom dolivered an earnest argu..ient against tlio pruposed action, denying that it was eitherjnstor expedient, The tli roo charges wero rotad on separately. Tho íirst, aocusing Lanahan of appenling to the civil oourts, Itniiig, HiThlitfliil was sustainod unaaiinously, and tach of the othors by the samo vote of 1 1 to 4. The second charge aocuses Lanahan of arrogafing inthority not aceorded.ítiid taking proceodinga in & temporal court which tend to scandalizo the Concern. The thiíd sjiecifies disrepird find eonteinpt of the authority of the committee and agent of the ConVorn, causing to be copied large portions oí the books and accounts of the Concern and carrying copies away froni tho establishment, causing extraets from said copies and pretended resulta of this examination to be secretly printod, and threatening furtlior legal proceedings if his demanda are not complicl witb. The majority of tho Coinmittec state tliat their action is base on the ground that they constitute an executive rather than a judicial body ; that thoy express no opinión on the truth of Lanahan's charges against the maneagniont of the Book Concern, which they will investígate in their owo way inl more tlioroughly tliau ]ic. as done. Tho ininority, however, say it is unfair to punish a man for charging the exióh neo of fraud, which they are not now prepared to deny, and that at this sf;are of thc investigation this confessedly arbitrary exorcise of power does iiijustico to a man who has suffered for what he belioves to be tho truth, besides putting a premium on future coneoalment. Much interest is now manifested in the action of the three Bishops who have final power in the caso, but who havo yet given no intention of their decisión.


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