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At An Informal Meeting Held At The

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(loase ou riday evening last, to r Works, - Añil Al'bor cm lul:, - ia general expression Ín favor of svstoin, w'iich had been 'ínter it Jaekson tlic day before. A acmittcc v;is nppolnted to eonslder ihí ■Ár, :i!ul t lie nly difference of oplntons Hoarlse íi whetlier the vork t-lnn Itl I. iimkrtakcn by the city or confided to a sapany. Bellevlng a cotnpany wlll inore cfltcicnt tlian tbeelty, aud supply .:v';iy ebeaper tlim the city c;m supply vote foi :i cüinpany. But let us :iievf:tter Instcnd of gas. - GüíiIí; home from thc mpetinsr wc {rot a of water - coming trom above. TlcRailroad nicftin.s 00 Tnpsd.-iy arter Wtwas not largoly nt tended, md was not Blific of reinita, Tlicre was the usual uoont of talk,- but talk liever Wil] wild the rnilroad, - after wliicli Dr. Douo UB, la hclialf of the Board of Directora, udea full report settinfr fortli the dolngs rrt dc-siros of the board, whloh dlxarmed triüicifn) and was approved by resoluta. Tlie niectinjj theti adjourned to this -inotber week we hope to bc able to ft! our readers tlie resnit of both meet ip. Wging by the iiumbor of applicants { tómW.oii to the Unh'erslty, preeent for aminatloa on Satunlay and Honda; last, t!teufXt Frcslunau C!:iss wijl bc larger lian ever. Sorae entliusinsts put the mim ber 200. -NolacIiesappHod for oxamination, bilt .ome re reportal coming at the opening of te year. Alarpcr uumber of strangers than usual ;rc In our city on Commencemcnt day. liepressof the State was well representUiid from out of the State carne corres iMitats of the X. Y. Tribune, Albany h'i, Cincinnati Commercial, Chicago 'i, Timet, Tribune, &c. We shall be surxsed f the University is not favored with aegood notices. Hiere have been fine rains since our last ine, bat cool, dry weather is now the fcr, fine weatber for work in the hay dharvest flcld. Grass is beinir rapldly , snd in a day or tivo the reaper wlll be cllve raotion. A fine wheat harvest is i' tund ; oats are also good; barley r Wed a light erop. Corn is doing well. Tbe Regenta vrcre in sessionon Tuesd iy, irttiljouriied to July llth. The nrtinlnls Wlon of Acting Presidcut Fbibzb was wmeDded by resolution, and better by ncrense ot salary to 2,500 and house Wi Tlie othcr busiutss was of a routine Mm. Rev-L. R. Fisk, of this city, addressed Norma! Lyceum, at ï'psilautl, on Mon■'! evening. Subject-" Iu Society and íh-t oí Society."


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