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lubllshedevery Fridjy mornlng. In the thirdftor of tlw linck block. corner o Main and Hurou streel Ysn A.RBOK, m It ril. Entrañe on Hnrön Stree oppoiite the Gregory House. ELIHL' B. I'OXD, Kilitor and Publisher. Tcrins, $2.00 a l'ear in Advance. BATES OF ADVERTISING : [Vi linee oi les considered a square.] vZcf.. 1 vTí w.i 3 w. o w. 3 mTG m.l ywir, ÍXLna i M - "' -1 r. .# ílil i oo 8 0(1 12 00 ■ ü 7 50 10 00 15 CO í fXÍSmn S 50 I Mí 4 '" '; mlll u " n0 Mu 0(J BOollíOOJOW 30 00 3 (XI 7 00 S 00 10 00 15 00 21 00 35.00 Í L " m 7 11" 00112 00 15 00 20 00 30 00 50 00 ftSuïiiT io oo.'ii ooim oo-' WHW oo_go oo too oo "Óírís in Directory, not to excecd four line. $4.üO ' ïcardvortlers to the exteot "f qiir'er cnliimn on o ■ aria conlrart, v. ill !. eiltllled tu have their cara n ftrectory withonl -x:ra ctrg. Sjitri oo foorth :i'.'i' oncc-aud-a funrth kirite ofoi.!i:i.nry adTeruacBMDU. "1 oc1 editorial huik 15 conl a line. Business ttice 10 CBU a line üi spnee fur the flrstinseltion, ,oj5cent for c.ich anbseqiient tUMTtlon. Vearlv advcrttiiT havt the privilege of changlng 'thiir aiiVr:iU.:n-vi7. thrce times. Addilional changUwlll liechargcd for. ".- avertUementooniiecompaDleabjr writtcnor jr'al üirections wlll bc published thne mouth aud 3irLed accordluitly. Ural tdverttaomenta. tnt inser ion V cents per i i;,"i'i couts uer folio roreach subsequentinseruon. 'v,';;„ poatuouemuDt iaadded to an advi-niM-nnnt Í.1 wil' '■ ehareid tb in u Ik nrst mserJ",u. To pald for wlien alUdaviil made. jok PBwniiai PimnhleU, Poten Hnd-BIU. CWeotar. Cards, ■dÍTbMta. Label, Blnk-, Blll-nnd. andother Erteleol Pialn ad Paacj Jo l'rinting . xecutcd " Vh,,ro.ii,í In best poulUe style.


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