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Kicked By A Mule

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Jala; Johnson had a mulfl. Thero was lothing remarkable in the fact of liis béng tho possessor of such rtn animal, but here ivas s.miething peculiar abottt this mile. He - the animal - couldkick higher, hit harder, on the slightest provocation, and aet uglier than any other mulo on record. One morning, riding his property to narket, Jako met Jim Boggs, against whom he had un oíd, but concealed jrudge. He knew B.ggs' weakness lay n bragging and botting ; threfore, ho lalutedhim accordingly. " How are you, Jim 't Fine morning." " llcarty, squire," replied Jim. " Fine weather. Nice mulé that you have. AVill lie do to bet on 'i " " Bet on ? Gucss he will that. I tell you, Jim Boggs, he's the best mulo in the country. Paid 500 for him." "Great smash ! Is that so?" ejaculated Jim. "Solid truth, every word of it. TV11 yon confidontially, Jim, ï'in taking hun down for betting purposos. I bet he can kick a fiy off any man without its hurting him.' " Now, look here, squire, I am not a betting character, but 111 bet you something on that myself." " Jim, tnere'B no xisc ; don't bet, I don't want to win your moncy." " Don't be alarmed, squire, 111 take such bets as them every tune." " Woll, if you are determined to bet, ] win riSK a smaii siaKe - say uve uuiautb. " All right, squire, your in y man. But who'll hè kick tho fly off? " Thcrp is no onc here but you and I. You try it." " No,"' said Johnson ; I havo to bo by tho mulo s head to order Mm." " Olí,, said Jim. " ïhen probably I'ni tho man. AVa'all I'll do it ; but J ou are to betten against my iive, it'I risk it." " All right," quoth the squire. " Now, thcre is a fly on your shou'der. Stuud still." And Johnson adjusted the mulo. " Whist, Jervey," said he. The mule iaised liia heels with sucli veloeity that Boggs rose in tho air like a bird and alighted in a rnuddydituh, bang up against a rail tVnco. liising in a towering rage, he exclaimed, "Yhss, that is smart! ï knew your darned mule couldn't do it. You h;id that all put up. I wouldn't be kicked llkethat again foi (itty dollars. You can just fork over them stakes for it, any way." " Not so tast, Jim ; Jcrveydid justwha I gaid ho OOuld ; that is, kick a lij' off man without its hurting him. You sü the mule is not injured by the operation Howcver, it' you are not satisfiod, we wil try it again, and as ofteó as you liko." " ïhe deuoe take you, growled Jim. " 1'd.rathor have a barn fall on me at oncp 1 1 1:111 havo tliat orittcr kick me again. Keep the stakes, bat don't say anything about it." And Boggs trudged on in bitternoss o soul, munnuring to himsclf. " Sold, b; thuridcr ! and kioked by a mulo ' " Two colorcd gentlemen, playing bi liaids, quurreled. , One hit the othor over the hcad with tho butt end of the cue, which made tho splinters fly, whereupon tho assailed darkey paveed to remark, " Now, Sam, stop, and lct's reuson dis year ting a little!"


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