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Mass Meeting Of Friends Of The Sunday Laws

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CnrcnïïTATI, July man meeting called to give expression to the sentímente of thefriends of the Buüday l.uvs, now souglit to be repealed here, was held to-night in Pike's Opera House. There was un immense audionoe, fully thrce thousaod ladies and gentlemen being present, confined largoly to our best citizens. E'ully two thousand sought admission and could not gut in. George V. h.ivis of the Board 01 Aldormen, p ed, with a long list of Vioe-Preside-nts. Addrcsscs were mudo by the President, Win. M. ltamsey, Esq , Ilon. Rnftis King, anti prominent olergymen. All ivere antbusiastically applauded. Küsolutions vero adoptcd tlmt the Pünday liiws, Stato and munioipal, were wise, judicious and whologome enaotments, ia complete hanuony with the State and Federal Constitutions,the genius of our government and moral convictions of the foundors of instítations, and announcing op])cjsit.i(iii toan y changu in the policy that would ropea] thetn ; that the dotnnnd for repeal waa apon irreligiovu gruunds, and coming cüd, not trom tho toiling multitudes, nor from those engaged in legitímate and honorable trade, but from pleasure seekert and dealen in intoxicating bevoraget, whoee buainess tended to lawlossness, poverty 1 ime, could not bc ■ as tlie voice of the people, but of t olaea ia the intereai of diisipatdon, wbioh ifaould not inlhu'iice the la w-maker; tlmt the preservation of the oivil Babbath, :is now regulated liy law was indispensable to the moral and pbyeioal welfare of the laboring cliissos and the best and only available mciiïia of proteoting them trom the avance of capitalista and of sceuiing to tbem a regular, gtated day of rest, which the laws of nature iinpci ut ivdy demanded, and thai as citizens they protestad nprainst the proposition toreppaltlie Suniluy lave nd would honornbly labor to ruaintain unaltered the time houored 10Iic-y of the povernment in regard to toleration and tlie proteetion of religión.


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