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Many persons fina tlmt the lunches thcy get at railuriiy stations, or which thcy carry with thi::n infhr-ir bngs or baskets, givc them headaohes, and sorve as vcry pxx.r substitutos for warm dinners at home. Tt ís probably bccausc thcy are niado up so largely of Cake and pastry. - The food ís too conoentrated, has not onough waste matter and fluid abont it, aadiso produces constipation, which is a 8ure cause of a dull head and general bodily discomfort. The vegetables and soups we eat with our dinners at home are vnlnaWe for their Waste-matter as woll as for their nutriment. With our lunches wc miss these, but fruit is still botter for tfaose -whase stomachs are hcalthy enough to eat it uütooked, and fruit we can olmost always have with us. For a substantial lunch to tukefrom homo, especially for one who is taking active i'xercise, oold chicken is good, or cold meat cut in slicns. Tbeso, lïti'l betwern buttertl slices of bread, make very nice sandwiches. Thin biscuit is usually more acceptablu than bread, and if cut open, spread with currant jelly, oud put together again, is very nice. The less of citlce, and the plainer that little, the better for the traveler's comfort. Fresh soda crackers and fresh apples make an excellent light lunch ; but the fino flour crackers are so OOOCen■taratedrthat it is best for all who can do bo to ent the accompanying apples without peeliug them. A simple lunch of this kind, which you can buy as you hosten through the streete to the depot, is far "oeeter than the little swoet cakes and pastry abominations sold at stands ne;ir the depot. I doubt if vromen, who know how Kuch things are nuyle, are often caught buying them. Figs or raisins go well with crackers or gorus ; hut fresh, juiey fruit is preferablc when you can get it.


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