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Gail Hamilton On Women As Newspaper Correspondents

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In regard to social livws and individual rights, is the influcnoo of women better that of men? There are women who aro ecrupülous and honorable ; but is the proportion larger than that of scrupuloue and honorable raen. The women who do sin, sin with a high hand and a stretehed-out arm apparontly unattainable by man. But your feinale correspondent, on the occasion, for instance, of an afternoon reception of the President, goes to the White Houso, enters the reception room, stations herself at the end of Öie line of I . ée if she wcro ono of the receiving ladies, and atanda there with paper and penoi] ready in Lmpale every uahappy fly, who, uillike rototype, is forcea to corae slowly flittins; by. And tho unhappy ilios know it, and can not help it. It, is liko seeing your scaffold po p nail bj' nail under your window. Vou coiild stand decapitation ; but tlic process of preparation is oni! feathef too much. Bnt a womazt can not be . turned out of doors. When you go to an evening party, and sei! a woman standing in tlio hall, liolding her pap"eï lush tip ■ wftll inu writing vit'.orouslv, in the most conspicuous plüic and attitude, oommanding with her guns all egress and insjross ; when you BM i wir.D.ii'. ai :i !-,]l !■ IMMIg down u.pon you brandishizis lier note-book, and ciliing out in tones loud enough to be heard by ftll the by-standers, "Can'tstop to fcilk now ; I'iu corrc-spondent of tho New Zealand BonéffónriltP wlipn a woman accosts you in a public convoyance, and informs you that sho is a correspondent oí tlii, tnat, and tlio otlior newspaper, and author of such aml sttch bookgj when i woiiüiii oonstructs froin her position a personal throat, one lonjas for the good diil times vhen women were seoludcd and cBd not know the alphabet, anti their hasb inda were aliowed U use sorae "moderato correction." Perhups when the novolty of Mppciring in print is wora off, woinen will oease to brandish their pens in our faces. They will feel tliat it is as ill-bretl to obtrudo tl irship as it WoUld bo to obtrudo thoir iücorries, theif weatthy relatives, their past carcor, or iuiy otlier facts of their personal liistoiy ; that not-only is this oltn!sivcne=s ii'ini';. fce good work, bul ifc is woll nigh incompatible with it. Certainly tliore are n me to wliora it is more offunsivo iii:m to the botter membera of tl:cir own closs. l'ut, wMlo ii ating procc.-s is s;oiiig on, those who fooi thut the lack ol or m ignanimity in one (roman is the loss of all women, can but be penetrted with a liyely regret. und shaine, not luuningled wiili disinfly.


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