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Growth Of The English Race

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-We have the following very intjresting estiraato 01 the incroaso of population in Englaid and i. eland during tho pasttwo cemuries : Great Britain and Ireland had, in 1700, 7,650,0u0 ; in 1750, 9.670,000 ; in 1800, 15,800,000. In 1851 the population was 27,475,271. A ca jle dispatch mentions the completi n of the census of Engliiiid, Wales md Inluid for 1870, and tho population of England and Wales is officially stated to be about 22,700,000 ; that of Ireland about 5,400,000 - in all, 28,100,000. In 1701, when the first estímate of the American white population was takon, within the limits of the present United States, the nuinbor was found to be only 262,000, and now we count about 35,000,000. We niay, therefore, roughly estimóte the English-spoaking people, taHng in British America, Scotland, t!ie isles of the sea, Australia, and tho various outlying colonies and settlements, at ab.ut 75,000,000. We havo certainly obeyed well the scriptural injunction, "increase and multiply, and replenish the earth." In two hundrtd years inore, at the same rapid cate of growth, where will fche otller peoples of' the earth be ? We foei concsrned for their ñite, and pity all now engaged in the study of Freucli, Italian and Oerman. They are throw!ng awáy their vahiuble time. They shoull devote all thoir attention to good democratie English,


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