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Steamboat Boiler Explosion

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Mobile, Ala., Aug 2. Tho ; are ;' ainer Icean W,. v exploded b at half-past ilvo on Sunday afternoon at the wharf al l'oint Cloar. There were #bout two hui excurgiouists on board, trom íit'ty to ñxty ut' wbom wen; kilicil and vfounded. A portion of the bodiea were broughi !■ this city by mi rs Fountftin and Annie uwt oight, an 1 the othera wil! !■ re to-day. rere being ■ ■■vi-iy of the bodie i i ■ of fche :!: únod, and au inTeetiga tion will be made. Oot of geven p oomposing ono imily six killed, i'ii" Captain, engineer, and pilot cilled. Only three officera e oaped. PAETU i:aí:s of THE C.VLAMITY. Mobile, Ala., Aug. 28. The stoamer Ooean Wave lcft this city Sund inoming with ib i board foi i,l tv.inty miles froin tbi ( i ! ':■,■■:■ vi turn trip the boatreached Pomt Clear at ") p. ?,. and made fast. The band and part of thr ra went asbore, and after the lapse öf aalfan 1m:' whistle Was blown and all return lat. They bad jnst r-. on i tho boiler exploded with foroe, followed by a rumbling, hi simiu!, aud fragment of tho tiu boat and metal of the boiler wore b inevory direetion. The forward part of tlio oabin was carried away, and the chimnoy feil úpon the after oabin and crushed ir. Tho bont almost immed sunk and her bow i.s now submerged. A.bout sixty or seventy persons were killed or plosión. So . ie bodics of ninoteeu dead, eigW of ■t wero la !;■ ;;, bavo been i ■ Twenty-eight wounded wero brought . and one The ■■"■■;; ■ w is apallingand beart-rendi::i.:. Wilder grief basseldom boei I. Many of tho paasongere we tle childr n. Capt. Win. Eaton swam for 30me tinio with bolli lega broken, A boat reachéd liim just ton late, and he weat down. The two ■ ■ re killed, the flrcmeii all kille'l. ■ ngincer and wife sovi -vi iy iuiurod. It is impo3fdble to cor. estunatethe lossoflife. By some it ia gnpposed that at least t!:irty or forty i ira ma ara :-:ill in 1 1 w r ick or :it the ':it OU oí' tho b;iy. A divi t b 8 e down to tlio scen lof the disaster. The aecideni cast a glooni over all Ih'-. rit and n.. , . ■ ■■■ The struets are crowded with people and tho oxoitemeni and fecling is intense. l'lu! Qcean Wave has been for some time been onluoky. Tho appearance of the btáler that it had yielded through rottenncss, ns it had been torn apart in a iam. Had it exploded with ; '■nee tho deetraction : lifo would havo been mure genera}. The foroo of the ion was dxrected upward and iurward.


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