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The Dollinger Movement

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New York, Ag. 28. A Iditional foreign intelligence concorning the Dollinger movcmcnt in Germany ■ thai it a meeting of liberal : olios il Heidelburg, Aug. öth and Gt,b, whitli was attended bysome lOdolegates, niiii;-; Bavaria, Prussia, Austria and Sw resolved that the ingresa of ;uiti-int';llili!ists at Munich, September '22, should hare :i public discussion of the chuxoh question and :i luw declaxation will bc issued, and Üie Catholic8 of every oation willbe ed to attaci themselvea to themovement. ttcugh plaoing littlo rclianco on the action ot' the goyemnienta, feel sanguino of the support of k, by which ït is expectod that inw;ir steps will be laken. There is nothing expectod from Bavaria, although the action of tho governmènt (.1' thai oounti"y in refusinstto busI lin the i lesiistioft] s intenc ■ in the case ot' tho p who, though excommunicatod, continued in the oxerciso of bis I ;u liopuiiu mh. j ik. Kuvwuumui will, soonor or later, havo to decido apon th.o d ui nd whioh is prop made by t i i iinti-infallibilista for ncknov rneni na tho Catholic Church, and, thorontitle 1 to the ohuroh propori ; thua may !■ pn ■ 1 t take d aeosures. Thero is great anxietj tnani'estcd by tho liberáis :is towhether EVipal inathomaa wiU b ■ wsib ■! apon tli Dniorsity of Munich, OTr which ex-comuunicatod Dollinger has now t'ull ( ■


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