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The Denver Narrow Guage Road

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a correspondent ot the P1iíi1(j,.i , . is description of tbu i Mver and Bio Grande E:úlIoaT larrow gongs: Tlio road, the engines,and tho cara til objeots of gfeat uuriosity. üf Co are ■I opposition 011 the t" afwidergttugeroads to tho wh(,]e y ' Eoi if thia ia a sucoesa narrow gaugo v$ be able to oarry passengen and ftJÏÏ :or muoh lesa than the otherg. lt I -I th ít these can would roüm8 than thc otlicrs, and tlms bo mop to accidenta, but to-day's cxiK-ri,,'11 shows the motíon to be quito as sttiL ta thu lost wide gaugo extant ,fl I, H cannot but bo so', as the hei! from the track ia Lower in 1 hrS; cnin and caw, and thus the proportionalfcIS t ie ia tho s:uii(j. Indeed, it would !L aa ifthi rery way ,{ In oase of a oollitáon the momentunS , and the foïce with which a would ther be much I cara wore m aington, and give gS, :. .. Ihey are nan eourse, than regular car.s, and'J! people across inatead oí t'our-t on one 8Íde of way mui ". ■ othor; but ono half of the Igj! of the car altera . i arrangS, that is, the singl halftholaS and thn haluno ther. This makoa the weighl The singlo spat tg back to the et ine, and the doublé face, wbich admití f easy conveisation between threcjaZf ■ ■ d by tbe(2 aon ear. The smoking car has tue se iack to baok, the Bmoker looking ojtjj he wiii'luw, -a'.mI if he i:-; nol pa red, can jmr. his heels up Ont rw Billa, and pit outsido in the o [to a smoker] style. I „. ifraid, howevor, tiiis excellent smoiá, ntwasnot mnch appiej iy the membera of our party, as- aj notodcrn roformore will picase tako aj. Lica-it was obsorvod that, for neglect,j the weed and alooholic drints, t ■ditorial excursión was a rare cxamil whether a worthy one ov uot this witiai does ncjt li


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