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-SÑÉSS DIRECTORY. ""! f Vltl'i rroscoutne Attorncy. At EDw. Afr TuIsday oml W(taofMhJSW ,o Coiirt Bouae. - - ■ - .nullll.!-1!.!' Kesklcnce and Office AÍ1" "corner ?iÍlaM aDd rhonipm Sírcele. r.,,-,., 10 order and warrantei Bealducel Strett, Ann Arbor. wTÍSf.WW co- Drugirlsta and acalora R. ïfjSiimU. o. a South Main Street. in Arbor. ___ , il A 8KSSIONS, Attorney and Counsellor 1, _P_Ï, Real totale aud Insurance Agent CottÍ_i_í „" CoHectlon of Claims prumptly atS on liberal tem. Office in Donnelly' ÏÜpitair. Harón tfret, aud rbnr, Mich. nTil. JACKSOAf, DenllBt. eucceeaor to C. B. U Poiier uttce corner MaloaodHnron atreet, ,;r,. ,„ B. W. Kllüi Co , Ann Arbur, JJ_. estheiic admiuistvred f reqalred. 7_7bBEAREV, M. Physlcian and , óL „ Olie . at residene corucr f HomatUMoaiueeti flrst door cl of Pruxbydu Ctiarcli Aun Albor, Mfcll. __ rW jr(n'SO.', l iler in Hal and rap, Ïj. ftn Siriw (Joods Gciiw' Fiiruishing Qoods, S-. So TS'Hitn Kaiartreet. Aun Arlior, itcn. ïrrHKKÏAN & WHKBOJI. Ufe and 0 nre [murante Agent, aud dealers ai Real Estáte. jfireon Hurón Street 1 EWIS B1SUO, Dealer in Uardwarv, j [on Home Farni-bing Goods, Tin Ware,i.c. )!o. 31 ""li Main utreot. iTXcii ABEl, Dealern hl nry (Joods Groü ei rits, 4c &c..Mo .0 ïouth Mlu Ureet. Aun lito. _;LWS0X A SO', Gmcers, Provisión and 5 ■ nle. and dealen in W.urr ■ Lime. Lauil Piaster, aud Plaeler Paris. Ko. lü liaet 1 lluroii streil ö HStSOUElit, ft'holeanle and Ketail Dealer 5. In RjiIj Harte 'lotblng, Liutba, Cnssimeres, fKtiitin.udOent'a furntohlDif Gouda. Ko.usuuth tlliu SttMt, Wil. WAfiilfiBf Dealer In K-adv HadoClothini;.'1't'! CaBiioeri Vettlnsa, Hats. Cap, :ui; -i l'.is. &c. '21 -outh Msin treet. ill.noüi: KlSüi:. llookeellcrs and StoW Iaam M dlcd Lw and College Telt Bci"k, vi ui .r.l XlnxJIinaoaa Booka. No. 3 North Main (WJ, Grtgarj lllvtk. Aun Arbur. f" LEÏ IE WIS, Dealers in Boois, Shocs, s iiiirers, &c So. ' Kast Uuron ttrect, VÜAII W'CHËEVEK, ATTORNEY AT LAW ! Oilcc wiih K. W. Morgan , i:aet side of Conrt HouHe f(l'M. 1331 iy ii. davenpoet & ca, BANKERS, SAIÏNE - - - MICHIGANBIT ANi) SELL Government Secorities, Gold Coin, DrafCs o: Detroit. Xew York, Bi)S'"n, and other Cltica UwnMiveaonejr n Deposit. mnkc Collcctions, " ttrcud prumpity to all busiiiu-e pertaiuing to eaflkitijr Xou-jj ] laned od auproved Securities. lH.Siu:; r. SCHAEBEBLE, Teitherof Muslc. G:"eBÍnetruction on the PIANO, VIOLIN AND GUITAR, hii officp, Ko. S7 South Main stri-ct, (Moorc's icia."r't ihe rtaldeace of thu pupil. PIANO TÜNIWG, "Je apeciality aud satiefactiou guarantccd; Í.I21.V1 (]B 0 C KÏKY. GLASSWARK af GltöCERIES, J. & L Iorinelly !iIeJ.u atorc alarge stock of Crockerv, Olasswarc, Vjr. -ClUler5' ÖTOcenes, &c., 4c, all tobe laatiiiTmjaiiy „w urc(.8 .?■ 1S East Hnron Street, Ann Arbor. gtf j. A p. DONNEXLT. Johng.qall; n__ dealer irr FRESH AND SALT MEATS, LARD, SAISAGKS, Ktc, [olicited and promptly fllled wllh the best m the market. 31 East Washington strect. Arbor.sept. 16th, 1869. 1835tf Jf# arkseyT" '&gL p Manntactnrcrof ?"5es' Buggies, Wagons, S,?LE'0IlSof3"e, made of Se beat i'riuz dïï Wïrranied. Horsc-ehocing and Ke"rolisi,. f PrünVUy nd prices reasonal.le. "8lre'. "ar K. R. Depot, Anu Arbor, Mich , U22yl D-O. B. P0RTER }II theSAVINGSANKBLOCK, Ann Arbor. iu Operations on the Natural Teeth Ulier PEHF0RMEV U'ITHCARB. U"SÜRPASSED PACILITIES AND BXPERIENCE SETTIKG ARTÏFICÏAL TEETH, ),„„ 1 GV'E EACH INDIVIDUAL; "V(A, f,optr rtUt lkapeí,0or% rmnt,.and a ai izprttêion. 1844 H-Randolph white, m. d. DENTI8T8. SHEE OF MAIN AND WASHINGTON Srs AU Operations peiformed in the Most Thorough and Sclentific manner. JltroURO,(le Qasconstantly onhanrt "'mlaUteredwIth perfect safety. UiO.yl. lVE ÖBÈ8B PEÁTHÍRS" " WjoBhandandforsaleby BACB& ABEL


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