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The Editor " On The Fly."

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Deab Akous Reader : Kansas City, Mn., ) Uut. H, IS71. ( The date of tliis will ihent that your editor lias not moved very rapidlyi or at least not vory far, since bis last. Circumstan'ces beyotnd individual ar editorial control liavi; kept us in this vicinity Hirtil nuw. the íiwgur poTtion of oúV timo being etnployed in keeping quiot and patient. A little time, howaver, lias boen spent in tliis young but goafcead city, this " Metropolis of the West." Fout years ugo vo spont a d:iy or two hore, iind the changea and advancea since that timo havo boen more than wo can note. Then a city of soven or cight thousand, now 40,000 are olaiiaed, tho oeusus of 1S70 sbowing 32,286. Tho ' UftUtcay Qtiüle" - KaXD, M'N'.w.i.v frCo.'S) ;i V(-ry oonvenient publication fot fche itrdilent tourist who is siitisfiod with the cyolopt8 lical inforination or "dry bonus," - .i -i-ys of its location : " The principal city bctn'oitn Ui. Louis und Ban Francisco; situatod on tho south branch of the -Missouri Rivcr, two miles eost ot' the State lino and at tho mouüi of the BJlW or EansasBiver; 196 miles by rivér aboró 8t. Louis, 42 miles below Loavonworth, and 3 1 1 below Omaha." This by rivor, re-. ïiiembor, tho ways of whicb are vury erooked, f oï by rail St. Louis is roached in 271 milos, and Omaha in 203. Fi'om the samo couvorTiont and laborgaving guide wo lean; that : " As a railroad center it is a station on tho Pacific Railroad of Missouri; a station (and fOülly tho siarting point oi' eastern toroiinus) of tho Kansas Paöiiic liailroad ; the nort horn terminus of tho Fort Scott and Ghllf liailroad ; tho northeastern terminus of tho Kansaö City and Santa Vo división of tho Loavenworth, Lawronco and Gralvcston liailroad ; tho southern terminus of tho Kansas City, St. Josuph aml Council Bluffs Riilrond; tlxo southern terminus of tho Kansas City braneh of tho Hanbibal and Si oseph road ; and the western terminas of the western división of tho ïiortk Missouri road ; the lattor threc forming a junction at ILulom, ono mile abovu and on thu opposito sido of the river, the trains on nach road erossiiig over the new and tnagnificent railroad bridge uuder thb managoment of tho Hannibal aud St. Jesepb Iiailroad Company." It was this bridge which gave Kansas City the koy to the poeition, and greatly aided it in outatripping its up-rÍ76t i i vals. Across it the several railroads named pour thu immense produce ot' southorn and süitthwosteru Kansas, the cattlo borda of Texas, etc, and in tho arrangement of thü time tables liberal toll is paid to Kansas City. Following tho guido book further, vo loara t'.iat Kansas City has livo daily papeïS, o, weekly also being published here it eaeh offioo, sovoral othur weeklioa i nino bank.; and banking offices, ari'l several largo rnanufactuiing establisbuients, wholosalo and iobbing houses, with a suffioiency of hotels to accofemodotè tho travcliiig public. Iiaving fouiut a part of thÏ3 guide-book-derived inforiuation to bc true, we sball tako the ïvst for graitod. We are, in fact, obliged torely upori it, heavy r.iins haring made the newly eut and unpaved straete a " hard road to travel" during our brief stay. Tiios ■ stoeeta are a ca wnrel to a Miohigando.t, and the Ann Arbor mun who thinks the atreet feix oppreasive or tho sidewalks poor.orwho ïlnnki t!io w.ük f rcwa tke southern end of State street a loirg (me, eught to piy griding tases befa for a bri.rf scitáoa, or walt the milc-in i-half to businüss ou sufch a d iv fta Saturday last. In one of the years to ooms, Kmsas City will hare woll-pavèd Btreota and good walks, bút jast no w tho stroets are cutsand eiubankmento. HLare is a re.;idence, to gaiu aoossa to which we must climb up, up, s.iy fifteon, twenty, thirty or torty stops, and but :x few roda diütant, on tho santo or tl neighboring street, the proejas must be rovarssd, anl down, down, down is the word. Anl bu.sine. a strectá onjoy t'.ií! sime blossod inequality, even tlio uew Court Houso-a " Tamniany job," wu hcar - is set in t bluiï, uil ;mt veiy Oenftrftlly set, eilher, and flankod by throc stroug and solid earthworks. But Kansas City bas pluok and detonoiuation aïid oriergy, and in a few years tho billl will be leveled and the raviños filled, and it will bo literaüy a znado city. Even n W street cars are running, and othor traokfl are being laid. This is a oattle nnrkot, arld a few dáys ago we visitad onè of the several packing houses, thit of I'i.anmcixtox et Aioiox. This establishment is new and complete, and had on at the time of our visit but a two-thirds forco, tlio Chieago fire haTing dotained iU employés. And fei tbat day, at 1 1 JÍ. Jt., 500 hoitcl of CPex aïis had been killed and dresséd. Tho average day's work, when the full forco is on, is 1,000 hpad per day. The eattle are drives from tho yards into the slaughterpous by twos anti thiees, a man jiasses over the pens with a rovolving ritte and drops a bulloek every minute by shooting downward between tho horus or just back of them. The bulloek is then drawn Oïi {o tho drossing floor, where two men s.rii havo his 1I! off, diseinboweled and split in half, and tho halvos hung up in the cooling room. Twenty head are being dressed at önao, add )M hours, in averaga weatbor, is allowed for cooling, Tho foro quarters are entrrely ontnpby circular siiws, being first split lengthwiso, ; a-n'd Crlnnned and entinto packiug piras. The Hiiiii (}iv:h-ícts hnfvo tho ham t;ken oft' witb a kaml or ofdiftiuy butoher'a naw, aíid Che reít if tho qtlarter is disposed of by steam liko thc foro quarters, Tho ham is hung up, and immediately strippcd umi cut into pieccs for curing, drying and s;icking. Oh tho paoking floor a largo forcé is ongaged i:i paoking, heftdÍBg up, :iud rolling out lipón tb brining platform, tu packing 7 Ibs. sari, 1 1-2 Ibs. saltpotre, and .'5 qa;vts of syrup ave vvsíid to thc barrol, and theo ationg ookibiineís injectod iiito thc biirrtl by humus of a base eonnaoted with a largo reservoir. In the " hog scason " the game house can disposo of 2,000 hoga per day, besídes continning tho work oí alaitghtering beef. lt is a nmrvfeUoi example ai enterpriao and system. There are fonr of these packing houses on tho bottom. Tho houso wo visitod was packing for the European market, and as fcherois no end of Tesas oattle, thero w n limit tho business ti bo dono. It i.s one of tdo Bouroes of woaltli whích íü to build this city. As ouy readew may liko to know some;hing of tho supply and cost of the oattïe cui, up in these jiacking hoiues, wc will auotofrom thc inarkut íeports for Friday last : Arrivals of cattle for 21 hours, 3,325 : ad; shipmonts, 330 bead ; gales, 54 bond. lu i few years live oattlo will euaroelybe transportad tothc Kubourd. 'Vïwy are to bü '■ packoi" horg anl go ïotwiiivl in barrel. The ruling pricca on Friday vrèrc; H VL'IVKS. C'li'iirv n-itivi, V. l.'i'Hi tn 1,500 lt ?1 J.'jOl ',l ■ 1 tu 1 yi.Ml.-. O1U, tv 1,10 I to 1..1U0 Ub. ...' 3 ■:;,$ i n im. .1 uüwh n i I ii i:-iv, aventging '"K) lo 1,1 il lli. J ;('■■, t ■". ; ■ ' '.j ttood wintorcd mn ...2 2 Ckuioo iiiifiifch cuttle 2 0 Mciüum tliroagli cattle Tliiu througli cnttle i S Mix-1 lobs in gooil Itesh j Bpaluwagï 12S01T5 ilvej t ,. At vhii;!i figures ouu would think beef shoulu rot:til cheaper UutU ia eastein ;ind western towns. TIn;,, oom, and fruit ropa aro vory finu in tliis section tlii .; yeor, nul as n. rule luwer tban in Arm Arbor uturkot. Wheat Uqooted -t $l,3ó for Xo. 1 whita ; H.27 fr Nol 2 ; 91.19 for X.). 3 ; and tod bata trillo lesa. Cora- on traok in car, 35 k38o ; sliolloJ, in bulk, Zós, 3Sb. Oats - 'IójlÍíü. Applos- -7óal.7') por bbl., md Eaireí thaa to bj fjuud at Honning'a packing house, buing tret" from spots und worm-holos. Ojr late win tur varié ti es are justiu oaüag ordor now, marking the difl'oreno:; in climato. l'otutoes - óOc i busbol, sweet iwtatocs, (jO.aSX Buttcr and eggsoommand lichigau pricos, with thu buttor not aa good. Ghrapes are aot out ofseason, buthave sóidas lo w ;is o. hero and for 'je. íit iSt. LooiSj giving-tho vineyard men the blues. Chcap as oco-n is, we arg told thit Hio yiold avoraos r.o greator tlimi in Michigan ; thu acreage, iiowovor, is larger-it btsing almost an endless cornfiold, - and the distenoefrom Diarket i what briags the price. W'liili; hare we met a nuiubor of Michigan, Waahteoaw, and Aun Arbor msn, ongagod in variru avoeíitions. AU are enthuaiasts Qoacerning Kiosaa City, preseat and future, uv ail tiiink Aun Arbor a slow coaeh. It uot being polite to ilisputi! a min on liis own hearthstone, wu Int them havo their way ; neveithelsss, it is our convictiou th:it Ano Arbor has as pleasant hornea as Kansas City, or ariy neighboring town in tliis boundluss west, that its citizens onjoy advantages and privileges not now known here, and that tHc j ICiehignn farmer need uut come to tho Missouri valloy or push ou ío Kansas to botter !ms uondition or increase his comforts. If he is young in years, unsottled in business, and full of f nergy, lio Can find a broad fiold hercabouts, with people ready and able to to.ich him tocut hifl eya-toeth, The west is a great counti'y, and Kansas City it.s oonter, - so we have been told. It is in the rough now, but we iiíiiwít believe in it like its own citi.ons. We would h" glad te say something about thu " Great Exposition " whicli opens to-day, for whiuh great prepara tions have been made, at which 10,000 are to be awarded s premiums, and in attendancfe upon which ■ all the world and the rest of mankind " is expected to be. The buildings are to be lighted with gas, it very fine fountaiu is to play in thé cei:t ir of tho main one, and a daily journsl is to bo issuod from tho grounds. Wc should liko, also to speak Of the Ann Arbor men in Ihis city ;incl their prospecto, and to some of wiiom we are indebted for courtesioi and favors, but it is time to remember that "brevity is tUo soul of wit," or too late, jjerhaps. This morning we are off f ï Dunver, trad a jpromiju of ïileasant weathcr. 'rnuo EDll'OE. P. !s. - W should have said that the legal profession of iiansa City are jiist now rojiAcing ia the rjessossion of tho Baijdv;x Library, which the Univereity of Michigan was too poor to bay. lt is a singlo straw showing the enterprise of the town. h - i i, f m - -


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