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BU0K3. BOOKS l j. k. webster & co. new boos stoke m:vh tm e " express office." fcOOK TO YOUR 1XTEKEST AM) CALL. BOÖKS. N "ÜARM FOK SALH. THE BIÍASBL SAttM, Sltnated threu miles north of Ami Arbor, Costafping ■ i ■ ; 1 1 1 y acres, thlrtj Ave acres hhproved. the biilanee w IÍ rtmbered; Snil ntiei ; i ft itnan?pMed fbt uin-at KC0wlU2 Por furlhcr tnfonnntlop ;ipily to nraddnxi FUKDICHK'K 1'. conwaV. Wiili ünuly Co., fint of Woödwnrd Ave , Detroit ii I oíd ■-i-pt. 26tb L8T1, :U- 1" TOTICH Tile irtibHe urn lofliUidcn to trflst ifijf Br!n.t}hh Vt)llaï'iim my aqeouut, aa 1 sh&ll m do debkfl fr hls controcttozi PreeUom. Angost!8i iSTli' ISSSmS1 UARMON VOLLAND. i . ■ ■ I "11 UI LI - J 1H)MWM ' ' ' GotoR.W.ELLIS& CO'e for3trictly Pure Drugs and Medicino c ,Paint& ,Oil& , &c . A UCÏIÜN BALÉ. The subscribcr will solí ut Puuiic Aucnon, at Ma rcsidciice.ou the BM IHlHMlwmi. iii the TOWN OF AXN ABBOB, os Wednesday, Oct. 25th, 1871, Commundiit; tt M P toVjlocfc !■ m„ Iho followIng propsrty : 1 Good Farm IIoiMri ï()SI:rr of l'llir grltlc9 5 tthiMt, 1 (r:tiu Drill, ol 'lourcN l':iti nl, 1 V;ig-un, 1 '!;i4 hl.' Miif:itiiir, with apron attnched; 1 Uu 1C;k U, of uprrior patent, 1 Itovolviii Hum' Itakc, 1 (in i In tIim! Cultivator, 1 flow, 1 llarniu, Anti otlier urticlci of less valnc TEllMS OF 8AI.B : All snma of ftvo dollara anti undür ensh down; Battts of larger (k'iumi;itiun( yi nuinth to oné year' tirrrc vill be (flveu, with oud ntprovd nölfe buarin s6vi-n prc6rit. Interest. J. W. WHIÍÍLARK. f. 0. Li:LAN"D, Auctlonccr. 1M1W4 piANO t"OR SALE ! :PRICE $175. Inquirc uL So. 2 MAYNARD STRKET. AnnArbor. Oct 2d, 1STI. i:;uif Go to R. W. ELLIS & CO's for clióicoWines and Liquors : cor Medical Purposos .


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