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The Largest Cheese Ever Made

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The largest clieese ever made, or at least of which thero is any record was produced at tho Ingersoll Factory, Canada, a few years ago, under the management of James Haris & Co. It weighed 7,000 pounds, and was exhibited at various Eairs on this side of the Atlantic without accident, and then shipped to Eugland. Mr. Willard gives its dimensions in tho Rural New Yorker, as follows : " It was sis feet ten inches in diameter, throe feet in height, and about twontyone feet in circumference. To make it, thirty-five tons of milk were reqnired, or one milking of 7,000 cows. It was bandaged with wire cloth, and its shape was in every respect perfect. To transport this immense cheese to the railroads and from place to placo, a very heavy wagon ! was specially manufaetured for it. Then the hoop in which it was pressed was placed upon the maiumouth, and the ends inclosed with heavy planks ubove and below, held in place by rods of iron firinly secnred with nuts." Financially, the " big choese " was a failure to the factory.


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