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Texas Election

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There seems to be Iittlo doubt but that the Democratg of Texas have gained a complete victory in the election which closed on the 6th instant. The indications are decidedly that they havo elected the entire delegation in Congres, thus gaining three mcmbers. This victory is but an indication of what is to follow in tho year to como. And it is the moro gratifying in the face of tho unscrupuTous efforts of the Radical rulcrs there to prevent it. The Govemor organized his party tools ander tho pretense of preventing riot and disturbuuce at the polls, but rually to intimídate and prevent honcst men from voting. The end was not securcd. The peoplo went to the polls and doposited their ballots in favor of Utmost men and honcst principies. The State pólice was inadequate to the salvation of Radicalism, and bayonots will prove inadequate to its salvation, North or South, in 1872. The people of the South have learned that their remody lies in going to the polls and voting, and that remedy thcy iutend to


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