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gmm gjtotttt. tTHE CAUSE AND CURE OF CONSÜMPTION. - The primary caueo of Consumptlon Is derangement of tbo disentiré oans. This dcrango ment produces deficiënt nutri tton and asBlmilation, By asbimilat ion, I mean that process by which the n utrimentof the food isconvcrtodintoblood, andthcuco lnto the solida of the body. Perrons with direstlon tima impaircd, having thü eüghtest predispoeltiou to pulmonary dUcise, or if thoy toko cold, will be very liablc tahavo Contmmptlon of the Lunge in boijic of lts forme; and I hold that U wilt ba imposniblu to cure any case of C'onenmption without flrst restoring a good digestión? ond hcalthy as&lmllatfon, The very flrstthlng tobexkme i to cleanee tho Ptomnch and bowcls from all diseascd xnucu and slimc which ii dogglng these organs bo that they cannot perform their fiinrüoii: , and then rousc tip and restore the llvcr to a hcalthy action. Forth is purpose, tlio Mirest and beet remcdy ia SchcnckV Mum) rak o Pilln. Thcso Pilis clean the Btomach and bowcls of all tha dcad and morbid blintc that scanning dUeaoe and decay In tho wholo systcm. Thcywill clcar ont tho-llver uf all diseased bilc that has accunuilatcd tlicro, and arouso Hup toa new and healthy action, by which n&tural and hcalthy bilc is Bccrcted. The Btomach, bowcl?, and livor are thus cleansed bythc use of Schcnck'a Mandrako Pili; but tbcru remalnt in the stomach an excess of acid, the organ ia torpld and the appetite poor. In the bowele, tho lacteals are weak, and requïringstrength and support. It Ís in a condition like this that Schcnck'a Scawccd Tonic provcs to bo tho most valuablc remedy ever discovercd. It ie alkaline, and lts use will neutraliza all excess of acid, mnking tho Btomach swci-t and fresh; itwlllglvo permanent tone to thía Important organ, and créate a pood, hcarty appetite, and preparo the systcm for the flrst process of a good digestión, and ultimately mako good, healthy, living blood Aftcr tliia preparatory treatment, what remains to euro moet cases of Consumption ia the freo and perseverina: upc of Schenck'n Pulmontc Synip. The Pulmonic "Syrup nourishea tho system, puriñea tho blX)df and is peadily absorbed lnto tho circulation and thenco dlstribnted to the rtiseased lungs. There It rtpens all morbid matten, whether in the form of absccfscs or tubcrele?, and thcu ■ it.s Nature to expcl all the diseased matter in the íorm of free expectoration, when once it ripens. It Is then, by the great healing and ptTrifving propertíea of Schcnck's Pulmonic 'rup, that all ulcere and cuvitlea aro healcd up bouiiu. and my patiënt is cnred. . ' The essential thing to be jlone in cnring Consumption ia to get up a pond appetite and a good digestión, Vo that tho body will prow in tlesh and get strong. If A person has diseascd Iung3, a cavity or abecesa t liere, the cavity cannot hcal, tlio matter cannot ripen, so long as the system la below par. What is neecssary to cure is a new order of things, a good appetite, a good nutrition, the body to grow In flesh and get fat ; then Nature ia heipcd, tho cavitiea will hcal, tno matter wiU rlpen and bc thrown off in Jarge quantities,and the person regaiu hcalth and Btrcngth. This 1b the true and only plan to cure Consumption, and if a person is very bad, if the lungs are not envircly dcetroyed, or even if one lung is cntircly gone, if thero i? cnouga viulity left In the other to beal up, there is hope. I have secn many persons cnred with only one noimd lung live and enjoy Hfo toa good oíd age. This Is what SchenckV Slcdicines will do to euro Confumptien. They will clean out the stomach, eweeten and Ftrcnpthcn it, get up a good digestión, and give Ñature the assistance Bhe nceds to clcar the cyetem of all the disenso that is iu the lungs, whatever tho fona may be. . J t It is important that, while nsing Schenck'e Medicines, care should bo exerclsed not to take cold : keep ln-d tura in cool and damp weather ; avoid nipht-atr, and take out-door cxerciao only in a genial and warm eunphinc. ,- 1 wish it distinctly understood that when I recommend a patiënt to bc carcful in regard to taking cold while ui-ing my medicinen, I do po fora Bpecial rciison. A man who has but partially recovcred from the effect of a bad cold is far more liablc to a rclapse than one who has been entirely cured, and it isprccisely the same In regard to Consumption. So long as the lungs are not pcrfcctly licalcu, just ao long i there imminent danger of afull return of the dUeaac. Heneo it Ís that I so Btrcnuouslycaution pulmonary patlents figainst cxpoBing thcniBelves to an atmoephere that is not genial and pleasont. Confirmed Consumptlves' Iunga are a mass of goree, which tho least change of atxnnsphere will inflamo, The grand secret of mysneCC88 with my medicines consista in myabllity to subduc infiammation instead of provoking it, ae many of the iaculiy do. Au iuflamcd lung cannot with safety to the patient be exposcd to the uiting blasts of winter or the chilhng winds of spring or autumn. It Bhould be carefully shielded from all irritating influenccB. The utmost cautlon ehould be observed in this particular, as without it a cure under almoet au y circumbtancca ia an impossibility. k The person should be kept on a wholesome and nutritious diut, and all the medicines contiuucd until the body baa restored to it tliu natural quantity of flesh and Btrength. I was myecif cured by this treatment of the worst kind of Consumption, and have livcd to get fat and hearty these many years, with one lung moetly jpone. I have cured thousands eiuce, and very many havo been cured by this treatmeut whom I have never Been. About the lat of October, I expect to take poseesíion of my new building at the northeast corner of Sixth and Arcli Strects, where I f hall be pleaeed to give advice to all who may require it. Fnll directions accompany all my remedies, so that a person in any part of the workt eau be rcadily cured by a ötrict üÖBCJTance of the same. J. ÍI, SCHENCK, M.D., rniladeJphta. HULBURT & EDSAIju, 3á Lake streef, Chicago, III., "Wholeeale Asenta. PAIÏïTS" PJLINTS P AI HTS Oils OilA Oila l Varnish Varnish Varnish Brushes Brushes Brushes VlIÍVEKAL PAINTS. &c, LOOK TO YOUR INTEREST AND CALL ON R. W. ELLIS & CO., BEFOHE PURCHA8ING p FAL5E REPORT 1 THAT A. A. TERRY HAS QONE OÜT OF TUADE HE STILL LIVES, AND HAS A LARGE AND COMPLETE STOCK OF HATS & CAPS I JUST THE STYLE, AND AT PRICES TO SUIT T)IE TIMES. ALSO A FULL LINE OF GENTS' FURNISHING GOOD! DONT rUKCUASE YODR SPRING AND SÜMMER OUTFIT8 ÜNTIL YOU OX--E3 HIM -A.O-A.XiX,. IS South Main St, Ann Albor. mi-tt, JAM. B, REVENAUGH, PHÖT06RAPHER I RETOUCHE ALL Hl Üï ATIYES BEFORE PRINTING, O THAT FRECKLESJIOTHSANDTAN Do not show in any of his Picturcs. No Extra Charges. DEOPLE'S DRUG STOiiür R. W. ELLIS &, CO. rFHE ARGUS mm OFFies ia now sui'PLip.D vrnn FIRST-CLASS PRESSËS NEW, AND XN GOOD ORDER, NEW 8TYLES OF TYPE, e AND QOOD WORKMEN. A SI'IX'IALTÏ DUDE OF BILL HEADS, BLANKS, CAEDS, CHECK8, CIRCULAES LETTER HE4DS, Ï-ROLRATIUKS RECORDS ATD BRIEFS, 8HALL BILLS, ETC. ALL ORDERS PROMPTLY FILLED. WORK WARRANTED TO PLEASE. PRICES REASONABLE. .AU'VHIS, IIIIKIIIMS, AND All, CLASSES OF KI M mss il I : A il r iMinii TO FAVOR i;s with lllllll OR. DKHS. CORSEB OF MAI' AD Hl KON ST'S. . JÑMMÉ g 8 ÍS í w s ■ S . g L fl-B ffi i 6 8 H " T a J h i pá8o 5 te jé 3 H O H fe To bui pmon prodnclDg aoy Medicine ablc to showone-thirdas inany living, permanent cure us Dr.FlTUH'l Vlotaih.e ItiiM-MATln Kkueiit ■ aml o farfktr nmard $10o for any case of hronlc or [itflammatory Kheuniatism, Neuralgia, Jthrnmatic Ague, Sc alien, and Rheumatlam of the Kklueysit , u-m wirui-e. Thls Rheomattc Byrnp i tturf toward' tg only pleasnnt tothe taste and tfiinrantccd free fp-.m iBjorioiw lru:,'s It I not Oimck Medicine bul thenricutifk pivpcrlption .f Jn9. P. Fitler, M D . Profbnot oi Toxlcolqu and Chcmistry, gradúate of the Celebrated Uuiversity ..f Pvuufyiraiiin, A I). 1S03, wlio8e eiitire )rofe8Fional lifc hits beer. devotcd specially to this diicise. Thia preparntion ander lolemn oath la couscientiously belleved to lie the nLly positive, rellable, lunilliblc spedlc ever d scoverod. The proul thut no otNer ipedflc ex ists la fouiid in every coniiniinii.y In persona affllcted foi many yoars past aud ítill saffertDg. ,7r-. imu colli- curr. it, if a ilvl OM. tkii mmlrt uit U ti.- a fact thut must lic anlvereally admltted. The oadecelvcdaufTerer may wUely nuk, what eec.irlty or evidence hns he that Dr. Fifler's Rheumalic Syrnp will cure hla rase. The protcctlon offered to patifnt- :r:.-iiij.t iïii]i.itiiii i. in ii '(!i;;illy íigned con. tract hicb will be forwarded without charge id aoy puffercr scndiii: iy lítter a depcription of aïBi -tioii; thi gu iraiilef! will state the exact numb r of bottles warranted tn cure, and In ca-e of fullure the money pald will be retorned to tho patiënt. No other remedy has ever been oflend on eoi'h liberal and honorable terms. Medical advice, wlth cerliftcates froni prominent lMi-.sicians, Clerymen, ot-., who have been cnred nftcr all other treatmenta have lailed, sent by letter, gritis. Afllictd cordially invited to write foi advice to tha pilncipal otllcc, 46 Snulh Fuurth Street Phil 'delphln. Pa. ür Fitlcr's Hhcumaiic Svrup is sold bv Driueleta. R. W. Ellis &Uo,, Sole Agent, An'n'Arbor, Mlch. DUILDElítí ATTENTION, SANFORD & CARPENTER MACHINISTS Are prepared to do all kinds of LA.THE SCREW CUTTING, PLANING, POWER ri miiim., BRIDGE AND BUILDING BOLTS '. AI.SO STEAM AND GAS FITTING IN ALL ALi. 1TS BK VNCHKS. AOEXTS FOR STEAM & GAS FITTERS GOODS COCKS, VALVES, WH1STLES, &C. AL8O Model Making of overy variety Baaement of Courier Office, Cor. Main and CatherincStrccts. ANN ARBOR. 1330-m3 r umbëbTyard. C. KRAPF, Hm a largo and well tocked Lumber Yarl on Jeffersnn Streit, in thceonili p:irt nf the city, and will keepconsianily on hand an excellent varicty of LUMBER, SHINGLES.LATH&C whlch wlllbe snld as low as cav bc nüforded In.thls market. ijuality and pricessach that NO ONE NEED GO TO DETROITC. KUAPP. Ann Arhor, .7anu:iryJ0th, 18T1. 986 Go toR.W.ELLlS & CO's for choice Wines and Liquore for Medical Purposes . IJ KAR YE! The "Bar" not being a Monkey 1SNTONEOF DART7IN'S PROGENITORS ! BUT WDAT OF THAT AS LONG AS E. J. JOHNSON! HAS A PULL STOCK OF HATS & CAPS ! FOK SPRIN& AND SÏMME3 ! ! Hls STYLES .A. RE TÜE LA TEST. H18 GOÜÜS THE' BEST1 AND HIS PRTCES THB " =: k-jc az m. k jbev:ss - - Alsoa full line ol Gents' FnrnishlHR Oood Cali and cxnmine hls CHIPS, PALMS, KTRAWS PANAMAS, and LE(SIIORN'S, belore purcbasing. 7 South Main St , Ann Arboi. SAÍ. . irEVlDÑAÜGII Copies Oíd AMB8OTYPES & DAGUERREOTYPES F1EST CLASS STYLE TO AHY DESIRED SIZB. UAM. tí. REVEIVALUH KEEPS ON HANO A. LARGE STOCK OF OVAL AiND SQUARE BLACK WALNUT AND GJLT FEAMES ! OF ALL SIZES CHEAP. No. 30 HURÓN ST. Drain Comtuissioner's Notico. Notice is hereby (fiven thut the Drnin Commissioner of Wüslitenaw ConntT wil] beat the house 01 Leri Freemnn in thoTowuship of Vinil.imi in iid counly, on the 2Sth dny Ootobab 1871, Mt 2 o'dock v. u., to meet piirties to contract for the exoaval ion ■■ nú conatroetion of ii drain known as the Spencer inn)i diHin, oommenciii lVriy rods west oí the qnartet Une in rection No. 14 and torty roda south of the nurth ection lin, and rnniiiii),' northcriy und euaterlv to Í known as willüw run. Xwillalaobe at the houao of Le vi Frcemaoon the 2-tth day of Ootober afaretaid, al irhich tameund piuco I wlll exhibit mapa ot the above propasad drnin and dcscripliuns ut' (he suveral pareéis ut htii'i deemcd 1 y me beneflted tbereby, and theainount and dcscriptionB of división and sulxlivisi"i)s ofthe al diaiu by me apportioned tv. the 0WS0E8 of MOA deMrlption afland to construct, und to tbe Townahip ot Ypsihmti to constroeti on aecouní of moh droin beneütini,' the hlghway, and to heai reasone, i!' auy are offcrcd, why budi apportiouinent bl.ould Le revised or oorreoted. Ann Arbor, Oct. 3d, 1871. DAVID M. FIXI.EV. Draln Com. ot Waah. Co. SherüFo Sale. OTATE OF MICHIGAN, Couaty of Waahtenaw, ss. kj By vtrtnc of a writ of execution luued oul of und under the seal of the Circuit ( .'ruin fox the coontvol Waahtenaw, State oí Michigan, dated the twenty-nnl day of Marc-h, A. D. 1871, and to me d reoted and deiwred, againet the jíood.-, chattela, tanda and tencments of William tt, Brown, defendant therein lamed, i did. on thc twenty-nintii day of Moren, A. ). 1871, for the want of ooibt and chattels, lev y apon ill the right, tifio and Interosl that WiUiwn M.Brown laa ín thc fillowiitL L?scríbed real esta o, to-wit : All f lots No. four, rtve, six, aeren und eight, in block one nGrangex & Blorgan'a Addition to the Village oí líanchester ; aï-so the aouthwest quazter "t seetion eleven, southwesfc quai-ter of DOrwwost quarter of section eluveii, and southenal qutirtet of oozthensï quurtcr of sortion ton, ull in town fouf aonth of ranga Uivü f;i-it, all f thc nhove iletcfibod pioju-rty DeJng ituatedmtixe township aad riUage i uancheater, itunty of Wnshteniíw, and Btate Of Midiigan, whioh iremuea I hall expose Lor sale, nt public aafition, to he higliest biddiT, at thü south loor of ('uait ïouse, in the City of Ann Arbor, on the 23d day of ïovembex, A. D.!871, nt 10 o'dook A. 31. of aaid day. Dated, Ann Arbor, Bept ÍOth, isri . MYKoX WKHlï. Bhvrlff, 340 By .Iortín FOBBXS, riuli'i-SliPiiff. Real Estáte for Bale. 3TATK0P MiriiiríAX, fmmty of Woahteavw, I. O in the matter of thc estáte of John C Bnrkhardt, enior, deceaaed. Notie; is licrcby givon, thut in puraanoeof anoxdei frranted to Uie andersigued, adüoistrntor of the eslateof saiddeceiucd, by tl e Hon. ade of Probate for the Connty "t Washtenav, on lie nintli day üf October, A. I. 1871, there will be sold l publie vendtic, to the nighest bidder, at the wntfa oor of the ('onrt House, in the city ol' Ann Arbot In tie County of Wnshtenuw in sald State, vn Tneaday lie twenty-eighth dayof November, A. 1871, al t ti 'clock in the foren oon of that day (subject to all eninnliiaiiceH by mort trago or otheiwisc uxistinjr at thc ime of tbo death ofaaxl deeea&ed, and alm) subject to ie ripht of dowerof hia widow thereto), the IbOowing csorilied real e&tate, to-wit : The northenst quurter of oction twenty-one, Ín townahip one tOQth of rango vo eact in Batd State. Kxocptiug und reaUTing lierefi-om the north twelve aeree. Dntcd, Üctober'Jih, A. D. 1871. EMANXJEL MANN, 1343 Adniinistrator. Sheriff 's Sale. TJLTE OF MICHIGAN", county of WaahtttDBw, ss. By viilue of a mit of exeention sued out ol nnd nder the aeal of the ('ircuit Oonrt ibr the county of Faahtenaw, stute of Minhian, dated May Bth, 1871, ad to me dfceoted and deuVered. against the troodf, liattels, kinds und tenements of Georgtï I). Hill, I did n the31st day of '''itj'i - } 1871, levy npon all the ntcrest fieorge I). Hill has in foUowfng deeeribed eal (-state, ti-wi( : Thu aast half of the northoast uarter of sectiou nineteon, containint- 'ii-hty iciesof md. Also tue west half of the north half ot the west half of the northwest quarter of section twmtywo, contaming twenty-two acres of laml, aid UffiuB ■iiu: ui thr tnwii-liip of Aun A rbor, counly f waahtenaw, State of Bftohigan, whleh ïnnds I ïull exposé for aio at public auction, to the highest ïdder, at the sonth door of the Court House, in the ty of Ann Arbor, on the 25th day of October, A. L. 871, at 10 o'clock a. if. of laid day. ]uted, Sept. Üth, 1871. MYROX TVEBB. Shmff, By Joutin Fobbes. l-'nder 8hen Chancoy Noties. THE CIRCUIT COURT for thc eounty of Waahtcnaw. In Chanosry. ACOB ZEEB, Complainant, ) vb. REDERICICA 2EEB, Defendant. ) It aatbfaotorily anpearing to this Court by thc riffiavit of the eoniphtmant Jacob Zceb, thnt the rtefendut Frcdci n-k.i '.'% l, is a resident ot this State, and mt a mbpoBna aaa been duly issued for her appeurice, hut t h; the wamt could not be served hy itnson 1 her contiriued absence from het place of residence ; lierefore, on mot ion of Lawronce & Proxer, of coun1 for complainant, it is ordered that. the aid dcfendit, Fredericka Zeeb, oause bei appeaxasoa in tbJa m bc to be entored within three montn.- trom the date this order, and in case of her appearance ahe canaa ier anaww to the oomphUnanfe's bilí to iw filrd, and b pythereof tol servetion the coinpluinnntv solicits within tventy daya after a Berrioe ot' a cony sai'l hill and notice of this order, and Ín deault thereof that the said lill be taken as COnfeesed r the mtid detVndant, Freduricka Zicl ; and it is furer ordered, that within twenty dnya (lic laid comatnant oaoae a eopy af this order tobe pubUahed l the Mirhiijan Annx, a newspapor jt'int rl and pubHhcd i tLe oitl Of Ann cbor, in said county of raahtenawl )tnl wal tald publicntion oonti&neu in id papet once ia eaeh week for x weeks in niOBem, or that ne oatue a eopy of thia order to be per nally served on sald defendant at leatt twenty oayi KTfore the time above picscrilK.-d lor her appearance. Bept. 7th, 1871. R. BEAHAN, Cirouit Court Ctaimissioner, Waahtenaw County Michlpun. Lawrknce & Fiiazkh, 1338 BoUdtora and of Counael for Compliunnnt. Bátate of John Froam, Senior. C TATE OF MICHIGAN, í'ountyof Wnshtenuw, as. Notiie la heroty givon, ÜuU by an order of thc róbate Comí for the Couiitv of Washtenaw, made i the tunth duy of Ootuhcr A. 1. 1871, tux months rom that date we allowetl for cvoOitors to iresent their claims jiiiinst the estáte of John raam, Bon, late of said i-imnty, dBOcaeed. and that all ■Oditors of aftid deoeased re requirod to present uiir i-liiims t aajd l'robate Court, At the Probate Öltv, in thc City at" Ann Arboi-, for examinatum and lowanoaj on or before the tenth day of Apiil xt, und thrtt aiu'h claims will bc heurd nefort ail rohate Conrfc on BatovAay, the sixtcenth dayof ecember, and on Wednesdny, tlie tenth day of April ext, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon of eacnofthoae ïatcd, Ann Arbor, October lOth, A. I). 1871. BIRAM -T. BBAKBB, 1313wl Judgeof Trobatc. ' Shei-iff's Sale, STATE OF MUIÏITOAX, County of tfrafcttnftW.a By virtui! ui" a ■wiit of rrf rmtioti iimirt onl oí ander the aeal of the Circuit (tyuri ful I maty of Wughtenaw, State "ï Uiohigan. dated Jttn flrtt, A. D. 1871, and to me din oted and aellrered, asaá goods and ehattels, landa and ternemente "t Ai Muirh und Charles H. Conklin, defondantfl I nnmed, [ did, on the lOth day of July, 1871, 1 wunt of goodfl aad chattels, lery non all the Interen tiiut Aü!iii;],y Smith Uas in the following deaerfbed real eatnte, Co-wil : tmdirided oné-haYf, na., the Qorth pari ol the sonthweet quartei of aection sevcnteen, in township four aonth ol range riz east. lsu i pieeeof landon theaouth aide of the mUl-pondon the north part tf the aoove deeoribed (marter ben the premia ilrnied l,y r.'orncliufi Bbopherd to Eraetoa LeBaron, hearing date April 21at. IMf. AlflOAllthe intcrcnt Charlea 11. onkUnhasin the folknirlbff deaerlbed real éstate, to-wit: Lota No. 1 and 2 Ín sootion 4 in the village of Saline, omit of Washtenaw, Btate ui' Michigan, accordinrr to the rerorded plat thcrcof, beginning on the Bouth line of the ln.aui. coad twolve feewest from kbe northeaet oorner of said lot one. t henee wttthsjrly parallel with the east lino of said lot rj sixty feetttoéuoe easterly paraUe] wit ii said Chiongo road twenty feet, thoncenortherly parallel with the eeid east line sitty feet to tho BOtttn Une of the Chicago nwd, Üience vn iterly along the toath line of the Chicago roed to the puwe of beginning, which premisea I sbaU expoee i'or snle ar pnblfo auotion, to the higheet bidder, at Om kou th door ot the ('ourt Houac in the city of Ann rbor, on the 21st day of October next, at 12 o'clock noon of saitl dny. DatcU ötipt. Oth, 1871. MYRON WEBB, sheriff, 1338 By Jortin Forbes, Ütidelbhcrlff. Real Estáte For Sale. OTATE OF MICHIGAN, Coonty of WaahtOBa, w?. O In the matter of the estáte of Beman K. 'age, de. Notioe ia hereby given, thai ín punaanoe of an orrlvr granted to the nndersned, aaminifl ot the estáte t s;iirl decenaed, by the linn. .) u Vi-obute for the county of Watlitenaw, on thv fourth iiny of Beptember, A. I. ln;i, there wü] ba fold ut rrablso vendtte, to the highest bidder, a1 the dwelUng Eloubooti the prendan, in the county of Wnshi in Baid State, on Wedneeday, the eighth day t ETovember, A. I. 1871, al one o'clock in the afternoon of thatdny [sabjeet to all emonmbronoM by mor) otherwue ?rrtipg at the time of the deatfa ol aid deoeaaed, and alsosnbject to Uteriffhi of dover of his widow tlurredn), the following deaerlbed teal eatato, towlt: The west half of the noutheimt quarter, tui'! the east half of thfl outhwost qunrter of section tbirty-two In townnhip two south of range Uneeeast in r.:iiil Ettate, oontaimnff one bnndred and sixty aeree more or leas. Aiao the land on vhioh the hou liorw; barn are situatod, mendog on the town lina at tlio fwiitheiist corner of the wen hülf of the Mmtheast qnarter of Beid petion tWrty-two, and running thenoe aonth rixty-flre de greea west iz chaina and Öfty links, thenoe hou th fortyt'i-ht degreos we1 fonr ohaina and nineteen Ifnks, thenoe oorth tw ni - ■ Uve chaina and seventy-flve Unica, to the town line, thenoe east on tlic town linr fleten chninis to the puee of boirinninp, contKimng twoundüS-lOüiirrcsuf html lyinon the DOrth fjinl t the oortheMt quarter of stctitjii flre, iu the townsliip of Sliaron, couiity and Stilte aforeaaid. Datcd, h'eptember lth, A. J. 1R71. 1310 Kl'lií Á.'oAOK, ' Aaministrators. Ui-al Estáte for Sale. STATE OF M1C1IIOAX, county of Waabtonaw, sa. In the matter of the estáte of Sarriet M. Blakealeeand Juüu Blakeslee, ninon: Notíceú I given, thut in purstuince of ;m orOer grant?d to the undendgnedi (uardinn of the estáte of shíü minot, by the Uon. Judge f Probate for tbc county of Washtênaw, on the oeventh day of Beptember , A. D. 1871, there wfll be lold at public vendue, to the highest bidder, at the residenee of the nndenigned, Guardián, in the township of York, in the county of Washtenaw, in SHÍd Otate, on Werluosday, the tiit day of November, A. I. 1871, at ten o'elock in the forenoon nï that day (subjíKít to till enenmbranoBS by nirt trage or other wise exiating uttliu titu; of the sale, uní alfKj anbjeet to the riirht of dower of the widow of Jnliua W. lïlakcslec, deceased, theroinj, the following described real estáte to-wit : The undivided half of the souih el'-ven and u half seres of the north half of the routh half of tli'1 v,;i:s( half of the northwest (iiiarter of sectiou fcwenty-two, in townsliip four outh of raugesix east in said Btat DaU'd, September 7th, 1871. 1309 ALIDA BLAKESLEE, Guardian. Real Estáte for Sale. STATE OF MICHIGAN, ommty of "Wimlrteiisw, m. In the matter of thceutiite oí Patridk Soban, deoeased : tfotice is hereby given, that iu parsuance of an order fcranted to the nndenifned, Admii iif boni ""i with the v. ijl annexed of aaid deoeoaed, by the Bon.Jndgeof Probate for the eounty of MTaahtenaw, on the tifih day of Sepieml er, A. v. I87L tbere wiU be -oíd at pubUo vendue, to the hlgheat bidder, at the WUtfa door ot the Coozt House, in the city of Ann Arbor. in the county of Wathtenaw, in nil ■ Wednesday, the ofteenth day of Norcinber, A. D. U71. at ten o'olock in the forenoon of that day, (subject to all encumbraiKv.s by mortgage or otlierwise existin at the time of the ïc;it Ji of aaid dooeaaed, and alao subject to the Ufe estáte of hia widow therein), the following described real estale, to-wit: A strip of liiud, beiüi part of lot two in block two north of range four, In th! city ut' Arm arbor, (lecril-ed 0 raencini? at ti point on Ann stxéei twenty two leut west from the sontheast corner of said tot, and nmninfr thence north paraUel with tin; eaat line of said lot sixty feet to the reai ftnd of 1 1 tek building on raid lot, thenoe east one foot. thenoe Mratb pa said east line sixty foet to Annati . thenoe weel on the north line of Ann atn H ono fbot to the p beginninfft inoluding the veaj half of the brick wal! rw itandin on t iiti strip ft land. September l(tli( A. I. Ï871. ►BOB CIiABKEN, Admtalstratox tfo boni vnn rll witli the will annexed. Real Estáte Por Sale. STATE OF M r ÍBIÚA , coaní yof Wosbtensw, u. in the matter oJ tne estáte oí JoanoaBoisison and M;n-y Huhoney, minora: NToticei herety given.thai ín panaanoo of au order r-mted to the onderngned guardián of the estáte ofsnid minors by the lion. Jndge Of Probote for tbc county of Waíhtenaw, on the aeoond day ofOotober, A. D. 1871, libere wiU bo sold at public vvndue, to the bighest bid Ier, ut tha ■outhdoor of the ('uut ' il.-: ■■■ in the citj of Ann Arbor, in tbe county of Wasbtenaw In uüd State, on Vï day the twi Qty-second diay November, A. [. 1971, nl i n oolook in tin1 (oronoon of that dav subject to all eucumbranoe& by mortf m ox ■'■ herwise xUtim? ut the rime ni sale) the following d m iu'.-A reu! to-wil : Lotaovenin dook flre, Ormsby & Pajeas tl ditjoii to tlu: city of Aim Ai foor, in Baul eounty mie Stnte. Dated Ootober, 2d, A. D. 1871. Vm LUKK COYLE, Guardian. Real Estáte For Sale. QTATB OF Mi;'MlfiAN. cfnin'y of Wwbttmaw, s o In the aatter of the estáte oJ Henrietta Buok. minor : u horeby grvan, that m pnrsuance oi ao order oxantod tothe anderngned guardián of tbe estute of said minor by the Hor. JudSe of Probate for hec iMMty nf Washtonaw, on the Beeond day of I etober A. 1). L871, tbere viB oeaold ut public vendne, U the bighest bidder, at tbc froni door of the Tost tfñcn in the city of VpsiliinM in tibe oonnty of Waehtenoti in sari State, on Wedneeday the twenty-eeoond day ol ■ er, A. T). 1871, :i tenocltck in the forcnóon of thftt dny sniijri't to all encunbranoeft by mortirafn or othorwuo existingnt tbe tímenf sale the unditifiod one scvenlli of vnch of tht? folknring (ïosfriNfl p;:roéls of real estáte, to-wit; I-ot eleve umi the uortli thirl of the met hrtf of iai tcii in the village (now city] of Vsilunli in said oounty and State. thited, October 3d. A. D. 1871. EDWAED KIXG, Guardian. Estáte of William Roberts. OTATE OF MICHIGAN, Cuunh dÜ Waahtenav,M 0 At i Boraiou ei tito Prvlnte Court for the Countj ji Washtenaw, bolden al the Probate l ttfioein tïie City f Ann Arbor, on Friday, the sixth day of Ooto►er, ni the yeax uue tliou.imiU eight huudred and evénty-one. Present, Uiram J. lïeakes, Judgcof Probate. in tlnj matter of the estáte of WiUiam Koberts, Lcociisud . Waltcr s. Rlob, Kxccutor of the last will and testaiirtit t i" said di r. ,-ist il comes info ('ouit and represen tt bat ho is now pVepured io render bis flaal account as tich Mxc.uwir. ïhcreuion it is ordorod. tliat Ifonday, the sixth ,ay oí' November m-xt, ai ban oclock in tbe foreuíoiv, AflBUBed tor cx;umniiif; ind allOWUU BUOhaOC(.unt, and that the teffatees, oeriaees and betraat lnw of said deonued, and all other peraom jnêawataj in said eetate, are reqoired to aj'jear at a Moafa d oí anid Conrt, then to lx; holden at thé Probate Office, in the ( ity of Ann Albor, and show causo, it" any UlOrebei why_ tho s;id account shot ild not be allowed: Andit is tarther ordered, that said ExecutorgiTe not ico to the paraonB interested in aaid eetate, of tho pcmlency of said account, and the hearing thsreof, by oausing a oopy of this onler to be pobtished in the Michiqan Armut a newspaper printed andcirculaÜngin said t'ounty, three successive weeks previous to said day of hearing. fA truc copy.) HIIIAM J. BEAKES. 13 13 Judgc of Probate. Estáte of Samuel M. Fsy. QTATK OF MICHIGAN, County of AVashtenaw, as, iT At :i wmion of the Probate Court for the County of Wanhtimmr. hoUk-n at the Probate Üthce, üi the city of Ann A'rbor, on Snturday, tlie seventh day of üctober in the ycar onu tliousaud eight hundred aud seventy-one Present, Hiram J. Benkes, Judge of Probate. In the matter of the estáte of Mamuel JI. ir'ay decemsed Newton Sheldon, admfariatrator of said est-ato, oomea into Court and represonts that ht? is now prepazed to ronder his flnal arcount afl mucIi Administrator. ThrnMipon it is ordcred, that Monday, the rixtfa 'liy of Novora'xir next, at ten o'elock in the forenoon, bo usigned lor azaminliig and aUowingsuoh u'count, and that tb1 heirs at law of said dcreasrd, and all other persons hitereeted in said estáte, are required to upp&iur at a neatoa of stikl Cmirt, tbcn to bc buiden, al tht; Probate Oitkx', ín tbc city of Ann Arbnr, in Beid ( 'mini y, and show cause, if any there be, why tlie said aeoount should not be allo wed : And it is further ordarad, tliat nid Administratot rive notice to the persons intereeted in said estáte, of the peudeiiey of said account, and tho hearing thercof, by raní-hiL? a copy of this order to be publisíicd in tlie Mi'ln)} Arguti ;i newapajMV priuteI and drciüating in said (ininty, tibne successivo weeks previous to said day of hearing. (A tmo copy.J nillAM J. BEAKE8, 1343 Jud-i at Probat. Estáte ofCornclius Laughlia. STATE OF MICHIGAN, Oounty of Washtenaw, sí. At a si'ssitui of the Probate Conrt for the Connty Of Wahtunaw, holden at llie Probate ofiice in the city of Ann Arbor, on Saiunl.-.y, the peyenth day 01 October, in Iheyear one thotisnnd ei.,ht huudrad and veventy one. t'rest'iit, Hiram J. Bcakee, Judpe of Probate. In the matter of thecstate ofCornellus Uwfhlln decea-ed. Willi.-un Bnrkc, Admlnistrntor of eaid catate, comes into Conrt and repreeentw that he H imw prepared to reiiccr his ñualuccounl as such Admin istrator. Thertiiipon it is Orderod, thflt Mondny. Ihedxth day of rïuvumber Dext, at ten o'clocfe in the forenoou, beaastgned for ezamtnlns and allowing eucb account, aiui that the heirs at law of said deceasetf,and all other pereonplntareflted In said estáte are reqolred t appenr at aseHionofaaidCoartvthen tobe bolden l theCttyof Ann Arbor InsaldConnty andsbowcauaclfanytoere in', hrtbeealdaccoontiboald sotbeailowedi At itis furïhor ordered, that said Administro torlve notice to the porton iateretted In said estáte, of the pendency of said aoconnt and the hearing thereoi, by eansulg a copy f this order to le pnblishod in the Michigan Argu, owpapr printed anriclrctilatlng En eaitlConnty, three roooimiVfl WAttka previous to 8aiUl;;y ol huaring. fAtruocopy.) HIRAM J. REAKKS. VJ4H JQdseof Probate. P11VS101ARS' PJUIPTI0N8 VRCURATELY AND CAHBFUtLY PREPAFED BT R. W.BLL1S t C0.,DRÜQQI828, Ëstate of Goorge S. ft CTATBOFMII HIGAN, Count % J. O Ai n learionai thi Probate I „;lr, , 'n of Washtenaw holden at „„. I City t Aun Arbor, on Thi.rCJ i le 0,. nty-onc. ""Maní JjUj i, Hirmn J. Benkes, Jnd., . 't Tlinriipon it is ordered, ilmt'v. " day of .N„v,mU, nex" Kt u „v, 'fV. H, Hnned for the !,.„,,, ,,''" flN u.,1 thi.t tl,, hei,, „( law „f K,w ,'„:„ " (ijLi cr persons inteicsted n uid estáte te ■ O MU ..I II MÜOI Of rfd Coill-t tkinr0'!"1 ' ■Ui,,., ,„ tl,,; CitV i , "C' ahow i.iiiM-, t iiny there be i-)lv ;,"■'' petitinnet thould nol be [franted ■ i p'"ïii%.' onl.-n-d, aaid petüi..„,-r ..v, ; , .AMitCS ';""■ i""1 "'" heartoR tl,.-,, .„,' ,:!"r"'Jf thií oidor to I. published „ u.l S?1t- - , __ !-ii E tute of John Rhoinfr7r OTATB OF mcÖIUAN. etwntr T 0 At, -, . ionof the Probate UurtftííS. „I Washtenaw, holden at tl„. I-iX . Si! city oi Aan ArW, on Mondartheh{lS5,C bar, In Uw year one thouiid tiS !L .-, v.-nty on (í"t lll1k def. m"tltr f tht' ,& Onrciidlnfriiti'l lülns tliein-tltii, ,„, WUliaio, ti.n"', 'r 'W. ment „uw on lile in thu ooiirt ,„,.u ' ñú JJ Dl nd !.-t:„„,.,t „f ,;„;, ,1,.r,.!"rtl! mitted to probate nd Uiat ) jhiiv 'iT;1 "Jr ï Bxeoutoi tberoof. ! wrpn."; Tbereuponil i, ordered, (hm m,,,,,,,, ' November next, at ten .,■,;. -w „ ,'v " tl ned foi tbe hearlnv of 8W .,t.tii2 the tantees. deriwM ar,.] („ ■uid all thvr piM-wns inlercsled In i JJ?" ooJred to apMar „t H sewlon f Hid tatS i fioMsn. at tbe Probate i Iffiee, in the .,'''"' bor, and show eaoae, if any there tw hItJt 01 Uu. pctitinni-r sbuuld not 1 ,- (rrai.tïï furth. rordt-rul thut snid potitiulim iri-ï , t, intereateil in s(,i.l estáte .," iu' stud i-titiun, nd the )nmij,f then-i,, " thta ordet to be pnluahed Ií5i Argut b newspaper print, ,:' ,, cmintj-, thrt-e sucetssive wct-ks previou. u "" h'.iii,.'. dijj Estáte of John Grecnc, 8 QTATBOT MICHIGAN, Coonty of Wié-. k7,At!;s'jsM"nilt th" l'robate Conrt fmïï? of W aahtenaw, holden at the l'rolwtpi 'S City of Ann Arlx,,-, on riday, thé ti of September, in the ycar oue UmuuJ , and scveni y-one. "itlime Fnaaat, Hirm J. Bcnkca, Jndn of p-.v., In the mntterofthce.tteofJ„l.IlJX clece.-isel. """ uOe,ii lol.n (reene, .Ir., ExeCUTOr of the lastwili „i mentof wtd deceiued, comea into coort ÚjZ.1 that he is nuw prepared) reader hi (,7,ï? suel, Kxeeutor. ■caKi Thereiipcm H i ordeml, that Mond.T n. tiethdayof October next, at ten tfSir1 o, bc assigned for Cï.-iintnioe3l ,il uel, account, nnil that the lcimtisrií and hcils at Lm of sid dece.-wS S7 er nraom interested In mid etti i d-tO i.ppear at a -se-wion of ,id fw'rl, iL" bolden at the Probate Office, in the Vfat' Albor, in raid Connty, „nd show CJW, tfl I .-. why Un -.;t.i account .-liould not be „iuLj1? ' it 1 forther ordend that said ExecuioTmiiï , U the persona intarented in snid cstate JZf doncyof aaid i.ecount, anti t)„, hcariStiJïytl oansing a copy of this order to be pnUiArf ? .„ nagCoanty, three successive wcekspmS! day of hearing. iwi (ArraaeopT.) UlRAMJ.BEAKIs _'- Judjfe of hit! Estáte of John Borran. QTATBOPMIOHIOAN, CoontyofWuU-,. ' O At. „ seasion of the Probate cTmrt furtheCn or Wushtuuaw, holden nt the Prnliate 0,. ÏS City of Ad Arbor, on w ednenlay thefonnkw October. iu the year oue Ihoiieshrt dred and seventy one, ' ■ Present lliivin', .;. Beakcs. Judge of ProbiK I the matter of the estáte of John Boii, dccea.1,1 ' (ui raadg and lling the petltton, dnly nriu ' David H Rorbon, prayine that a cerilla bnnl now on file in tbls Cuarl, pnrooniDg to bt &L wil] anti testüment of alu deceane;!. muy xttu. i ted to Probate, anil that he. Willlam Let Td 9a j.h Horlhou inar bc ppolnted Ex,-cm„rs [bmf ' Tberenponlt Is ordered. thai MimdaT.ibtttaMl day ui October inttaut, at ten o'clock in ihtU nooo baanlgned for the huariusui wlnpnitionuj that tbe IcuateeB. deviseesafid heira it Ui ! ' sai.l deeeiMod, and all other persona IntemMbl aidebtate, are reqnired to appenr t .,.. sald Court, tlien to he holden, at Ibe ProtnteOCo. ■ in the City of Ann Arbor, nnd show caiue -(u, tlu-reb.;. why the prayer of the pcti:l nut !,c ümnted : And i! i. furtlirr orden petlt'ouerftivvnoticc to persons lul sala estáte, of the pendency of sald pjriiiot ei the hi:i,ri„.' tlun-of, by cans-hi a copj ufthisni! I ti be pobllahed In tbe Mickigm trgn, t nesay, I prlnted and elrenlatlng In sald Conmy,ihrisKBl I lv week previous to said diy of hrnrlni;. CA trnecopy.j 1111IAS1 J. B 133ü Jtid-re o' Probitc, I Estáte of Mosos Ricli. O TATE OF MICHIGAN, CounryofVaMatr, O Ata cssion ot !..■ 1'rol.ah of Wastatcmiw, holden at l rohati '.-. t,áliíff I of Ami Arbor, on Thursdiiy, the tmttnULtatl ! September, In the yoar onê thouanndMtuV. . hu! ■ ■. i iMy-one. lT.- nt ÉUnua J. lipukvK, Jodge of VroUtt. In the matter of the éstate of Jloses Bid, ie I ■'■:i. '"'.. '.iiür and Hling the petition, duly venH, i I Philo 8. Rich, pruying that n cerrata inMnm I nowon Ble in thi Cvurt, purporting to betku 1 ujl;tiiil testament of Baid deceased m.iy bewínind i to probate, and that he ïn.iy bc aupoi'ntid solt Llecutor i uexeof. Thereupon it is ordered, that Monday, the tt;rthird day of Oetobcr next, at ten o'clock in tbetorewi I ii ussigni [fortbchfaiiiiu'oi's;)iii petition, andttarii legato b, dei ; a ju! 'm r ;it law of suid ileoí.ucí.t;; . .1,1 othex penona intereated in nd etu:t :nc r ■,■ . . to appoar at t sofión of shí(1 rtmrt, tht-n to khóiiu, ■ at Vroltatc OltiiT1, in the City of Ann AiNii.i;; show cause, if any tlicr.' be, wl.y hu inayr :: petítíoner shmiM not be )ranted : And il wíl:;:-: Oldexcdj that BOid petitloner givfiujtimr totLe friona Intcrcsted in said esüitc. of the pcndtKj i I akl petition, and the hearing thereof, liy cnüiif) im], of this order to he published in tiii .'' ÁTffUtj a newspaper jiintt-tl mul ciirul.-itmff il Í I eoiinty, tUree guctt-.wM' weeks jueiou.slo wud dijá I hearing, , (Atruempy.) HIIiAM .1. I1KAKKS. IM1 JocUjoofPr Estáte of Eunico Baldwin. STATBOF MICHIQAN, ooontr of Wnahtcan. At a Meaion f thfl Pxobate fmirt fur the Moatf of Washtaoaw, 1'U1li at the l'rolmte Oflite, i eitjr of Ann Arbor, on Mooday, the twentJ-SM ilay of September, in the year one t houtsand eigfat iodred and sevelity oue. .r. liiram .1. Hcakes, Jiidpe of Probite. In the matter of the otate of Kunice Baldwin, ■ .iii:ian B. 1'ovTt, BxflCUtOT of the t:wt WÍ5 ' tOBtaiaeat ofsaid decaoaed, --vne!í iutofotirtaBdn? Nee ui that he is ntnv prepared to reuder his fiMl count u sueh Kxecutor. Tlierconixm it is ordent, that Mnmlay. thetwotT' thirdday of October nt-xt, at ten o'dccit inthcfMIWi, be assiiied for examiuing and nllowinp sucfa ': and ihat the lagarcee, devlseps and heira -it I:iwoiï" .1, ainl all otiit r ï:ysiDs iiitynieü ins tute, are requited to appen at a m hsíon of saidCA thon tobe holden t the ■"róbate OSce, in rtf!" Ann Arbor, in sid couuty, and show r.tuw. if ■ there be, why the snid account shouW not w lowed: And it is fnrther onlered thnt said &" tor pive notiee to the penons iutereateil in L tatOi "t the jeiiden!' of sai;! ár-wmt, ml tnei ing thereof, by causm' a oopy of thin ordottjj publilhed in the Michigan Argvt, a nenW j)rinted and circulatin-r in said rounty, three snö alvc weeks previous to üaid day of hcarinL (Atvuecopy.) Il Ui AM .1. B Estato of John F. Brcitenwescher. QTATKOFMICHIOAN.Comit.v ofWaeWfl O At a scsslon of the Probate Cuurt for tbeCn'l ot Washtenaw, holden at the I'mluile Offin City of Ann Arbor. on Tnemlnj. the iwelB" diy" of S)tnmler. in ihe year one tuouwindoP I hundred and seventy Olie. Present Hiram J Benkei, Inilge of Probutt In tbe mHlter of the eslale of John F. o"3"' wescher, decea-ed ,. , i Henrv.l. Davidter. Execntur of the last il ""j tcstameut of sa!d deceased, come iulo Cm "r rejuesents that he is now prepared to retw' final account as (uch Klecutor. Therenpon it is Ordercd. that Mondar, the t third day of October ncït ut ten o'clock i" ''','',. noon, be assined for eXfunlnlDg rho .' sticli acconnt, and that Mie lepitee', "''"' and heirs at law of said deceased, aDtl other persons hitereetcd in eaid ictato, rc '.( qnired lo apjear aï a Ufttioa of said Conrt, W'' be holden al the Trobate Offlee, in the CilJ " " Arbor. in naid t'otinty. and show ennse, if auT ' . be.why the said acconnt shonld uot be"0"., And it is furiher ordend that eaid Mgs[ I ■jivcnoticc to the persons interested in 1"."'!J of the pendencT of said acconnt. and the w7 I thereof. by cansing a copy of Ibis order lo D'P liíhedinthe Michigan Argun, a newspaper p"( and clrculating in said Coonty. three aecew weeks nrevionp to said dav of hearinp. a tA trneouuy.) "1IIKAM J. BEAK 184." JiulaeofFro!1'' Estato of Calvin K. Boeker. STATE OF MICHIGAN, rounty of Vs?Met' At a Beuion of the Probate ('onrt for üi " ■-,. WaBhtenaw.holdettatthe l'rohnic ottite, """;,.. of Ann Arbor, on Wednepday, the sixth clll!r'tfl telnber, in liit JTOar OU tbousand uight huuure . . -v. ono. Prennt, liiiam J. Heakes, Judg-eof I In the matter of the estutc al lüMi K. !)"■ ■ OnnacUngand Bling the petition, duly Vfrl4ín Weale; Iiurehard, Execntor, prayinu thnt tj' yd(. irensfd to sell eertain real estáte whercot bi diedsued. tntf Thenapooil is ordena, that Monday, T'ct.ioe. thinldayof Octolnr next, at ten o'clock in U'1 icon, be ssigned for the lieariiiK of swd iittuioi that the levatoM), deriuee and bi-irs ot .'"".ju, and all other iH-rsons Hiteiestcd Ui m ' " inired to appear at a Bestión of said l.ou"; 1(1 o bhoidn at tho Probate Office, in thccitvoiJ Irbor, umi sJmw cans1-. if any thero be, ro'i rarci of tbc petiUoner shooW not l1 (rantw ■ „ t is' fnrther ordered. thal - -litioni r 2ive noo he persona Intereêted in wid etstate, ot the P1" ,i sSp petition ami 1, Uiertof, ? f ",TÜrOpb of this order to he published in the -"'""l „„tgus, anewsp-M'! i.rinli-d and eirenlatm? in W jj. y, fotir lUMMillirn weeks urevitta t .-aiJ f) "' ■ruecopy, EIWO] Finest Assortment of Toile{ Goods in the City, by


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