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Love And Joy: An Allegory

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ÏaiHï?, long ago, err .ví hd como To mukc the eurth fbrlorn, Somcwhere witliin au Mfttani home, Twu pretty bu bet wuru born. Tho younper ws n muiden fair ; The eider was a boy And for their mimos, the 'nf.uit pair "Were christoned Love aiid Jot. And a theygnnr in ycrtrs and strengt!) Together they wou ld TOT, As merry mates, until at lenglh Joy ueeined tho twin of Loüe ! Aud so at lengrth it came to pass Tliut iill the ncigrhbora siiid, Sonic huppy duy tiic lad imd loss Wei certaiu to be wed. - In Kooth, nucli mates os they secmed. And so rtttarhed tit htart, Th1 pretty pair- vh 'ould have deeiaed 'fhtvt thcy wouid eVtt part f But so it feil, alas Í the wrong !, And WOQ (ho day '. Tliat Sin, ihó. monstert oameaJong And frightcued Joy uwny ; And no pwjr Lovet when 7og had lluwn, BÍD8 he could not abide To live unwedded and ulone, Took Sarrow fur hia bride Ab sad a bride na e'er was íeen Tu rtice a man iu#e bed ; ■Vith BOOwllng bifw and murky incin, And cypress 'round hur head, Ahl to tlie twain a child was born, That hore of eiich a part ; The motíwr'fe countenanee forlorn ; The futher's tender lieatti " i''V.v," they callcd her Í- prentle child ; And from hvt infant hiys, Ilervoice was ever sweet and mild, And winning were her wnys. And once, ere she ïiad learned to w uil;, Wïiili' in htit i-radlc-nrst, A dove that fled the crul hawk, tiought satety ou her bruast. The robin redbreust came to apefc A latine wht.rc Vity dwelt ; And uil thingx tiniorous and wv.ik Uer kind compüsion feit. Ah 1 swoet sad face I her mixed deacetit Wuu shown in her attiro ; And with the r#tiior'scypreasblunt Themyrtleol her sixe. And ever to woman's height TM inaiden gTCW, Blfe8 niaras Thruugh all thu woildtim augel bright - 'la gladden huiuau homus. lier oöiee still to follow where Her niothers t'eot have strayed, nd BOOthfl and heul, with U-ndcr care, Thu wouuda the damo has mude. But both are mortal, :i;tm write,) And so they both must die ; Soivow, at laat, ' oeaao lu uutitc, And PUy OttM to sigrh ! And then will Joy return, they say, From Heaven whei e the had üuwn, And Loot t'aitver and tur ayo, iie niiirncd to hi own !


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