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An oíd Scotch minister on being askcd o preach a sermón in favor of cquality, at a time of graat excitement on the subject, said, at the close of a sermón, in substanec as follows : You ask me to preach a sermón on equality. Sinco that timo I have ranged in a visión through tho vegetable world ; I saw flowers of equal luster and perfume, trees of equal height and value, but tliere was no equality there. I passod to the animal kingdom, and saw the trained horses and noroo beasts of prey, tho linnetandthohawk, thesparrow and the eugle, the sheop and tho hors1., each oceupying a relativo spheora. - In tho soa whero the moliusc nnd the whale, tho dolphin and tho shark ; the unid and the floreo, eich properly organized anddíing its proper labor, but I aw no equality. L'istly I entercd the gate of Heaven, and on a groat white throne sut the Judge of the Universe ; cherubim and seraphim ell before liim, angels of losser degroe did his bidding. I found hoavens risina; above each other, but no equality. I jazed on the stars, and found "One star different from another star in glory," but here was no equality. So yon see thore s no equality in all God's vast kingdoni.


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