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Sketches In Peru

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A lively correspondent of the Springfield Bepuüiean writes fifom Lima ! If thefe is nny ono thing dearei than another to a Lima woman, it is a fine assortmont of diamonds. I }iavo scon many au old womun, oi' ] uirtly nogro blood and as ugly as siu, witll only ono garment. old blankut for dress, wlio had the blsnket fastenod with a diamond pin which even Boss Tweed might not ditdain. The sole ambition of iv pretty woman is to outshiuo her nuiglibor's diamonds. Povorty, hunger, old olothos, and all the ills of life, are nothing. if they can be offset by fine diamonds. The luxury of silk and volvéis is well appi-e ciated, too, by the Wealthier class, but poor indeed is the man, and below coste indeed the family who havo ao diiimonds, no matter what troasnrus of real estáte or flocks or herds they havo. Goat's flosh (to chango tho subject) forma a considerable stap'.o with the Peruvian buteheiii Roasted,itcanhanlly ba di.stinguished trom muttoii) but is somewhat ohcuper, being, rtlthough so like it in taste, a vory trifio coarsor. Owing to the difibronco in price, small patches of fleece are left in the ineat of tho Bheep when killed, and when your hind quarter of lamb comes home you can verit'y t'.o fact that you are not paying lamb price for kid meat, by a bit of the inuocont's original fleeee. Some unprinoipled butchers are said to gltle bita of floece on kid's flesh to dceivo their patrons, but I can hardly think this of them, though they do somotimes put meat on the market which nevor carne to a violent death. As to politics, I defy any othor than a nativo Poruvian to make anything out of them. We can get a pretty good ideu of thcir foreign relations, because those are tolerably public, but tlie insido work, ■who goes in and who goes out, and why they go, and why every littlo while thero is a flerce confusión, a brawl, an estended fight and fiually upset and an overthrow, a retreat of insurgents, or authorities to the mountains, a general alteration of the coin, a new levy of soldiere, and considerable caunonading froin the fort in the roadstead, is past the comprehensiou of an outsidor. Consuls have got weak minded before now in tho vain attempt to Uuderstand it, and Iliiny Clay's son, who was minifftet thero for a good while, was threatened with softening of tho brain, and had to como homo. I doubt if they understand it themselves. Just now Lima is full of excitement. Some state official, far in advancc of his colleagues, has just heard of the great expositions of industry held abroud at various times, and has actually stirred up the govornment to make a similar exhibition for tho producís of Peru. I suppose it will comprise specimens of guano, silver ore, a few grass hato, and some !l of mountain sheep. The skeleton of Pizarro will doubtloss ba exhibited imder the head of works of art, an 1 a special earthquake or two may be gotten up to gratify visitors. AU this is advertised to take placo next December, and, unless a revolution or two takes plaee ia the meantímo, and upsets tho arnuicromcnts. I have 110 doubt it will co;nc off. ïhu Poruviaas will como and look it the new plows, and Ilion oarofuEy avoid any suoh iinprovementa iu futuro.


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