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Wanted Anchoring Out

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Knapp, the great rcvivalist, was activoly engaged in a revival of religión dowu in Arkansas, and wken about to baptize a now oonvort ho callnd out in a very loud voico : - "Does any ono know any roason wliy this man should not bo baptizod Y" aud to his suprise a long speoiinen of ui Arkansas travelur shouted in response : - " See here, Mister preacher, I don't want to interfero in that 'ere business of yourg, but if you 'speet to get the sin all out of that old euss, you will ha.vo to anchor him out in tlio rivor ovor night." Whcn ti man dies, says Hahomet) tho pcoplo ask : "Wliat proporty has ho left biïliind him'r" But tho angels, as thcy bend over Ui gravo inquire : " What good dceds hast thou sent, bc foro theo V" Thcro was a doacon in Now Hanip8hire by the name of Day, by trade a cooper. Ono Basday lio heaid a numbor of lxys in front of his house, and went to stop their Sabbath breaking. Assuraing a grave countenanec, ho said to them : ", Boys, do you know what day this is : " Yes, sir," roplicxl one of tbc boys ; Deapon Day, tho Cooper."


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