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What Radicalism Has Done

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It disfranchisod thóuands of white citizons. It invaded the Federal constitution. It usurped the sovercignty of the States. It annihilated ten States. It abolished vil law in certain parts of the Uuited States. It creatud military comtaissions to try civil case. It suspended tho ludieas corpus in time of profiiuud peaoe. It denicd to the white citizens tho trial by a jury, five years after thü late war endjd. It has endorsed tho outrago? of Holden and others. It encouraged the negro to idlonoss. It gave over two hundrdod inillions of acres of the public domain withm tho last two years to corporations of rich capitalists. It disregards solemn obligations. It broko every pledgo it over mado to the people. It unsoated Democratie Congressmen who were duly elecced. It squanderod the public treasure. It refused to prosocute the thieves of public money. It favored tho prosocution of manufacturers of trifling irregularities. It atteinptod to corrupt tho ballot box. It taxed every species of property of the poor man. It oxempts tho rich mau's bonds froni taxations. It pays the rich man in gold. It pays the his widow and orplmns in gi'ccnbncks. It appointed spies in every community- And now seck its perpetuation by the enactment of infamous laws to prnvent Democrats from voting.


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