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Beer Drinking,germany Vs. Puritanical America

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Berlín Corresponcltjncíf Cinctrntatí tíazette. I accept it as a maxim that thoso who seek solcly for the gnitifioation of appetite may rise in revolutionary seftiiions and mobs against bakers, bwtcbers and brcwcrs, wheu bread, meat and beevajse high, but will never raise either sword or toícc for abstract principios of governinent, as the Puritan American character has done so ot'ten. If these premisos are correct, it follows that the Prussian uionarchy has but one foe - the real, truo and undobauched wovkingman. Whether conciously or not I am uuable to say, but it secnis as though the government, notwithstanding the pious sentiment of the Emperor-King, were deliberately aiding the dovelopment of bcstiality among the pcople. A sensuous people aru easfly governed. A hog needs only plenty of food and a ntud-puddlc. A long wliip is sufficient to drive cattle. If the atheist faith that thero is no hercafter be true, and the maximum nmount of sensuous enjoyment be tho true aim of life, I am willing to concede that the Berliner folks understand life betterthan the Americans do ; but if we hold that our soul is inimortal, and that therefore our highest facultes alone survive, while the others por ish, ï believe the earaest and and consci'entious life of tho Puritan American is nltogothcr the purest and the best. I &ul here a people vivacious, good-natared, bxjt sensuous to a degree which I never oould havo imagined. Theaters, operas, open-air concerts, danees and drinking - not often to an excess, I admit - but drinking always - occupy the thoughts of the young and oíd. I believo that there is more money spent in Rerlin for amusements and drinks than Sbr rcfíaJbr household expenses. Ut' a freo press, of a free pulpit, as well as of actual self-govcrnment, the Gorman has no idea. The State religión has kilkd real religión. It preaches only what the cultus ministor direets. It is only an adUtionul poHceman. It dares not to say ne word against what, from its standpoint, ought to he considered the most ontrageuus saorilege and violation of the tSabbath. I counted twenty large handbills which announced either theaters or beer saloon concerts, at a singlo bill post. No doubt these places were crowded, while the rhurches were empty. Why shouUV aot bo erapty, when the chureh desert3 and betray3 the people's cause ?


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