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Winter Gare Of Stock

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An experienced' writer nnd practical farmer speaks as follows on this subject : It is best always to begin winter feed early, saving tho nieadows and pastures not unly what they afford' as a pxotection wid an early start iu the spring, but to Tieren trampling, which is more serious tlian is gcnerally supposed. The rains will not liurt but benoflt the grass lands ; the stock will hurt it mutcrially, eapecially cattlc. and they are alsomore innuenoed by the weather. If there are stables, ichy not have the cows in them as weü as out in the rain, or in tho chilly air 'r1 Is it really laziness, or habit F or what is it ? Thero is a goaroity of feed ; yet snffering in every storm is so much food thrown away, not measurod, or it might have an efifect thus Been. A. warm shed( open at one pVace large cnough for ingress and egress, is a bettcr place for stock than is generally thought j ïigid disoiplinarians, who favor the confiuement system. We can bring to mimi not a few cases where a shed, closely boarded and ceilod, with fodder overhead, the opening to the cast or south, nopded a comfert that is a pleasure to think of. The place was warm, made warmer by the stock, soft bedded, and ■vvell tired (by tho entrance) without over inuch circulation ; thus conifortable in the coldest weather, and, in stotms, of aourse a perfect protection. But your stock raust not be erowded. We havo hud ocasioa. in our earlier experionce to separate the most unruly members, and thus found all peaceablo and harmonious. Eacks for feeding wero provided along tio inside of the building, giving plenty of space, as the whol'e was thus arranged. In this way stock was kept clean, healthy and in good condition. Early. when storms prevailed, it was brought to the barn, and at once knew ks place and took advantage of it, anino lkboi-, no trouble, only to feud, carry tl: e etalks and the chaff and tho best straw to the rack. Here also pumpkins wero fed. On the opposite side of tho barn was (Le sheep sheff, similar to the one for cattle, a success in every respect. And here the sheep were brought when the equinoctial and other storms camc on, and they were kept as summer made them, with plenty of trood clover hay and other small fecd, clover iiot being cut then as now (when in blooni), with all it subtanöd available, and thus being suflicient as á solo fcoJ, but when yet still green. Salvos, like shoep and cows, should be by themsclves. Give them warmer stable?. Of courstí give them tho fre dom of the place, as there is no danger of them hurting one another. They wül thrive on tender hay and puro water alone, if they . ai uot previously keptout and pelted by the storm?. If lacking in flesh, a little mea], barley and oats mixed is excellent, und will soon get up uctivity and roundness of ñesh. Keep tho calves growing through the winter. Chrjpcftpntps


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