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Pulpit aclvortising has become so annoying th;it in a numher of our city ehurchcs the ministers havo resolved to abolish the nuisance entiroly. The propricty of this courso will not be questionad, exoopt by those who dosiro to havo tho pulpit usod for other than its legitímate purposes. We eau scarccly conceiva ot' anything moro annoying than tho reading on üiabbath morning of half a dozen or more miscellaneous notices, in whicli the majority of tho congregation tVul littlo or no ivlcrest, and more espccitilly whun, as is gtsnorally tho case, iments itnmcdiatoly precede the sermón. The reading of notices relating directly to meetings or other matter intimatoly connoctcd with tho churoh are not so objectiomable in themthoughLit would] seem moro in keeping with religious worship on tho Sabbath day lo dispense with them altogether, A distinguished olorgyman of our acquaintaace relates, with much the following anmaing incident a8 ono ot . ■ ■ pulpit iiivertising : Hu had oheervod that for somo half dozen wet-ks previoua nis We laesday evening leotures were houored with tho priísuiico of :i pereon not a : leiuber nt'hiscongrogation, but who appeared to be deoply ind in the exercises. Ealermg tho room ono ovoning lu; was accosted by tbo stronger as foÜows: " Doctor, I'vo bi au coming to hear yoa preaoh for somo . time, and to teil you the trnth I like tho way you tulk. I most s'iy you' re a good hand aL giving out notieea, and I juat tliought as how, muy be, you'd liko to giva a poor man a lift in that way. I'm a oarpet weaver and, thoagh I suy it myaelf, I e '■ wcave as good a oarxM t is any man. NTow, doctor, will you bo kind enough to teil youi peo] h: to nighfc that it any of them want a first-rate carpot, L'm tne man to wreave it ior them, and that mj John Etobinson, and . ■] is nnmber - , streel i " Tho good 't Qg this reqnost m ty be imaginad but not deeoribed. I himsoifaa best he could, and enteied hi8 pnlpit on thai erening with laation that henceforth his th announcemeiita should be oonfinod uholly to matter .relating to the spiritual and temporal affaira of his oh. --■''■. isira. Sarah tíorton thinka a vromon with tli t' 't '■ !,:, ge would b is ■ ir children. fh i :i i all the woman who alvocato "wi bt" liii! failcd in finding a womau'd ) laoe in liie.


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