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St. Louis, Jan. 9.- The address of the Democratie State Ceiitral Comrnittec, referred to in a provious disjjatch, vvill be published to-morrow. It reviews the effects of the BO-oalled iussive policy in Missouri and recommenda ils application in tlie Picsidential CM&pMgn. M s;ys: "Tho Stat! government, which was chosen with tlio assistanco of Democratie votes, has fulfilled all tho reaeonable exÍcctations on whieh thoso votes veré cast. t has given us a just and cconomical administration of affairs of the Conimonwealth, wbich has recognized its indebtedness to the element which electod it by calling into the service a full proportion of patriotie Democrats, whose high charactcr did not exempt them froni virtual ostracism doring the rule of the proscriptivo paj'fy. It demandad other quali!ic;itions for public duties and honors than the simple ono of a demonstrative loyulty, ind changed srciety, disordered and digquieted by painful and couipukoi-y agencies, devised to maintain tbe power if a niinority, iuto a he.'ilthful body pollitic, roposing contonledly ou tho consciousnoss of self-govcniiaent. Theoontest of 1870 was not without its material effect upon the Demoeracy. If thoy emerged from that strutrglo with a iuanifout creed, the chango va a simple selfvdjustinent in the structuro of an altcred national Constitution - a recoguitioii of mondments whtofa, in their inehoate condition, they had opposod, and an acquiescenco in the new order of things ■which those aiuendirients liad actually produced. The corner stone of their creed is still tho national Uonstitution. Thoy medtiate no other reaetion thaatl toration of tho Constitution to its lefritiinate authority; the restitution of the privileges whioh liavu been taken away in deh'aneo of it, and tho stern subjugation of power to its clcar restriotions." In alluding to national a&aits tlio addre8s coTidorons military intorferenoe ia tho Siateii, and says: " It was in the distant proconsulav provinces that the military power reposed which atterwards overtbrew the Roman Republiek it was in tho apjiltiuded destruction of the liberty of these reuiote depünduncics that tho urmy learned how to deatroy the liberties of the Roman peoplo in the end. A freo peoplo eanuot, excopt at theit peril, hold others In foreod subjection to special inflicttone." Tho (iddrefis eoneludes as follows : " If, a tho Demooraoy uf Missouii did with uch boneficent rule, iu 1K72 tho National Domoeraay sUall abstain from thu Pjesidcntial field and sut ronder the solemn dujty of reekoning with the authon of üur jjuitgovuruiucut to the people, undistrtictcd ly otUr (juestiyns, we QOD nut cloilbt iii:'.'' vill 1 tfiö throw of the dominant party, and its p 1icy tli re-establighraeni of the Ünion ftnd ■ afijrmation of titution."


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