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The President As A Dead Head

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The Washington correspondent of tho Xi'W York World explains a littlo mysteryin comiection witb. the appointmen of WTUiam K. Spanlding, tho owner of a theater, as Assistant Assessor for the Nintl District of New York. Spaulding wa not a supporter of Grant, and not a rosi dent of tho Ninth Distriot of New York nor any other part of New York, urn what led to hix appointment has been a mystery, whioh is now solved by th World correspondont, as follows : " It seems that Mr. William E. Spaul ding tho propriotor of tho thoater, who i a very polito man, lot in the Presiden and his retainers as " doad-heads " for Jong tirue, but ooneluded that the pan sure was more than he could bear, anc ho coimïienccd oharginpf them admission like coinmon people. This was not to b i-ndurcil, as it drew too hard upon th Presidencial purse strings; conseqmntl öeneral Baboook, the financia] mombo of the White House Ring fhe who planxto tliu Snn Domingo job] set hls wits to woland contrivida scjietuo whoroby the dea hoad business could bo continued, whic w;ih Qothing moro or lcss than to próvido a sinecure offioo for Mr. Spaulding. Aceordingly Babcock prevaiiod apotwtPloasonton, whon that worthy was Connnissiouor of Intornal ltovenuc, to nominato Spanldjng for Assessor for tho District oL Golumbia. Socrctary Boutwt'll, howover, knowing that Spruilding had boon a socessionist during tho war, hesitutod and fiaiiUy retnatA to ooniirmthcnoiaination. But Grant and Jiaboock were not to bo thwarted thus. Thoy next succeedtd in getting Assossor Kotchum, of the XintU New York District, to rooomuiond Spaulding tbr an Assistant Assessorship under hiui. :Tliis tiomiiiation was iijially coniirtuod, throuffli somo hoeus-poeus or othor, and Rpaulding has sinco drawn his salary regulArly, though ho haa neyor beon in liïs district nor dischaged auy of tho dutios of his office, whilo tho Prt;sidential household atfend the theater all thoy uhoose and it costs them "nary a red.'" . And tlirts or high-toned aúd moral ?re.ident socures admission to the tlieatur uliii'utly at the expenso of the peoplo. Tas there ever a moro 4isgracefil transotion resorted to by aoy oñicial befon , mch loss tlm Prosidont oí üei ■Vviüd tates 'i Por wliat vulgar pooplo would ill ineamioss, it certainly deservea to


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