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The Alabama "tempest."

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The cabltfor a wcuk or ton days luis been burdeaod with dispatcbee t'ull of lead and gHBpotréer, said dispatohos b. ■- ing tho essence of tho uttoranooe of the Engiish piew concern ing the "Alabaqia claims" presented before tho Qeneva arbitraton by tho representativos of tho United States. It souis th;it in makirig up tho " case," the Assistant Soorotary of Scate, probably with the consent and advir.i' r dlTOOtion of Prusidcnt Ghant and Secretary Fisit, praferrod largo andantold claims for " oonMqucntial " or " indirect diimagcs: " that is, for loases resulting to American sliiji owners from being OOmpollod to transfer t)i"ir sfaipa (o British owners, and for thu coat to the nation by the prolongation of tho war alter Oettysburg, from wfaioh date our governmont claims that the rubellioii was !i t alive by the aid of the Anglo-Conf'cderato emisora and the hopo of British inlcrvintion. This slmking of the red rag in the fano of John Bull was a vcritablo Gkd-8end to tlie " o])position," for tlie Gladstuxe Misistry has a very livcly " opposition," and this " opposition " has froia tho first condumncd thu Treaty of Washington, and aw in "indirect" and " consequontial " damnges their chance to drive GLAD8TOKE from power. Parlinmontary intervention and revocation was threatenod, and tho responsibility of war tlirown npon tho poor, dovoted head of BfiOTHER Jonathan. Bat this for political effect : Parliamont niects, ho (Jueen's address - Koe another colnnm - is moderate in tone, Gladstoxe throws a littlo tub to the whalc, DlSHAlil.t gets his opportunity to "blow," and now wo may report conaparative quiet on the Thanies and along the Channel. The opposition will hardly drivo tho GrAnsioxE Ministry to any overt acts, and should it be driven from power, a new ministry will scarcely abrógate a treaty and provoke a war just because claims have been preferred wliictii the Genova arbitrators can rule out, actinar strictly in acoordance with the Trouty. It js but fair to say, howover, that the raaking of tho obnoxious claims by our go verinnen fc was also a mero political trick, designed to work up a " patriotic feoling" in the interest of our military President with fortunes on the wauc, and to distraot tho attcntion of the public froin the charges of corruption and tho plundering of tho Custoin-house and othor administration rings. Üf the same was tho untimely rosolution of inquiry oifercd by Senator Ki.irxi)S on Tuosday, a resol ntion h-iscd on oablogrums of mero nowspapor artielos, and against which even the wily and thickhided Camkuon, cbairman of tho Committee on Foreigu llelations, put in a mild protest. - Late advices say that the Continental journals do not conimend the tone of the English press, and even concodn tho logitiinacy of tho " indiroct " claims. The American Niwtpajper Reporter says : " Every publisher of a newspaper, who " fuils to writo lus mombor of Congross, " losos tho golden opportuuity to broak " down tho monopoly which for more " thnn ton yeare has, by combination, suc" coodod in compclling cvory man who " biiys a type to pay throc dollars for that " which ho should othcrwisc havo bought " for two. Mr. Vooiuiees, of Indiana, " has introduccd a bilí to placo printing " typo and material on the free list " Will the Reporter teil us what good would be accomplished by tho editor of tho ArGX'S writing to Ilon. ÁUSTÜT Blair, of this district, a protoctionist of the school ? It might do for a Radical and protectionist to " put a flea in his ear," provided consistoncy is of no account, and ho is willing to use tho influenco and power of tho presa to shapo or compcl logislution not accorded to other branches of productivo industry. We aro ncither tho ono nor the other, a Radical nor an advocate of protection ; nor cun wo consent to join the clamor for special legislation for tho benefit of our craft. If it is right to protect tho iron raonger, salt boiler, coal miner, cloth manufacturor, wood-screw cutter, and other mechanical pursuits at tho expense of tho people, we don't see why tho type-maker shouldn't be also quartered upon the dear people. We will join the lleporter and all other journals, irhote projtrietonfeel and know that tliey are being robled by prol 'eet re dutie, iu demanding froui Congress an exclusivo recenuii tariffl, but not in the special work marked out for us. Protoetion ia fraud, protection ig monopoly, protoetion givos the governmont littlo or no révonuo, and we are glad that the typefoundors aro opening atleast one eye of the press. We hopo that thoy will keep up their combination, and turn harder and harder the screws, until both oyes are open, and the press unitedly ready to join in an assault upon the system itself. - Mcantiine, if wo can buy imported type, or of founders not in the combination, at cheapor rates than from membors of the association it is our right to do so. It was Babcock, of Grant's staff, who worked up the San Domingo schcmo, which was repudiated by the country and given up with so ill a graco by tho President. It was Leet, of Guant's staff, who, aniu'd with a lottor froni his Chief, went over to New York in pursuit of " business," tho " general order business," who getting a part of what ho 6ought from Collector Gkinhell, theatonod and procured his rcmoval because ho would not give him - a military carpet-bagger - tho wholo of it, and proeured from ÏOM Ml'iipny what Grinnell would not give - tho monopoly. And tho profits, it is in proof, woro divided with Babcock and POXTBB - another of GnANT's staff, of tno "Whito House Hing." Yot thero aro prominent Kepubliean journala loud in condemningOustom-house corruption, but exonerating tho President. Now, if tho President is such an "innocent Abigail" as not to know what Leet and Pobtkb and Babcock havo boon about, he maybe tho honost officcr his friends still insist, but if so innocent and honest is not he too ignorant and confiding - too much of a dogan to bo President V Tho namo of Horace Greeley, ono of the Ilopublicau Nittiomil Committoe, doos not appoar iu the ljët of signatures to the official cali for tha ooming Philadelpoia Conveiitiou, DíD oui frank, open-inincfad nut innocent frimds of the Vree Preta everhew of tin' soiwvwhat questionablo experiment oí " singuig psnlins to a hyena?" This is justwhut it diil in ita Sunday morning iasuu : iee article on " Redistricting Michi( .1." It is truc Unit acoording to tfafl nomborof votas pollod by the Democratie and liepubliean partiea, acoording to the truc theory of representation in logislativc btpdio8.and acoording to the establisliod prinoiploiof juatioe and equity, the ijw Coigtfcssiunül distiiota fthould bo bo outistiuüted as to give the Democraoy control of fonr ot' the nine, OT at least io as nót to bury the large Democrstio minority in tho State in 'i grave so deop that its voiee can notbe huard. But jmliii"; trom the liwt, sucli will not bo the aim of (bc Legislatura, [fniné Elepublican district8 oan possibly be made, regardloss of contiguoua territory, equaüty of populatioii or local interosts, nine Republican distriuts will bc; made, and tho 100,000 Demócrata of the 8tate barred froni repi03ontation in Congross for tho next ton years. The Legislaturo will oonfiider it a patriotic dnty to o re-distriot thu State as to render it uezt to itnpossible for a single DemoQ ra tto b oloctcd ; and instead ot' listening to the suggoation that Washtcnaw, Livingston, Odkland and Maoomb bo constitutod a district, tho Frce Fret may ukhmx axpeot to suo Hillsdalo uttachod to Wayne. This suggestion niay eeem preposterotts, but "loilty" covers a inultitudc of sins, and why shouldn't the loil licijublicans ot ilillsdalo lo sot to tlit bisk of annihilating tlio Domocratic sinnrrs of Wayne? Hekman E. IIascall, of tho Eahunazoo Telegraph, oonuxittod suicido on Friday morni'ng last; shooting himself i:i the head with a pistol. Tho Qaeettetajt tliat he took positiou " bêfore tho glass in his room, puahed back ltis hair, pressed tho pistol close to his tciaiile, aud fired. The ball passod ontirely through lus head and gtruck against the plastoring on the opppeito sido of the room. Instant death must have beon produced." Toraporary insanity is assigned as tho roason, growing out of business onibarrassmeuts. Mr. Hascall was about 10 years old, and leavos a widow and two children. - J. II. Stoxe, tho senior propiiotor of the Tdcijra)lt, gailed from Xew York for Paris, a few daya prior to the suicido.


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