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Gossip About Two Divines

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A Louisvillo correspondent suys of Rev. Stuart Robinson : May I not teil a joke on the Roverend Doctor of South Divinity ? Ho enjoys a joke, and I am suro he will laugh at this one. It was reportcci dwing his illness, ■while ho was very low- even at tho very gate of the cenietry, so to spoak- that tho physician found it necessary to resort to the transfusión of blood in order to save his life. Thia extraordinery surgical opeïation was much talked about by the fricnif and acquaintancoa of tho great man wlioso lifü was supposed to have been thns almost miraculously saved. Everybody wanted to leam the particulars about it - how it was don, and by whom- and one gentleman pressed tho matter so far as to ask a Preebyterian not in sympathy with Dr. Robinson : " What animal did they take tho blood from?" " From a nmle of course '." was the reply. This joke will not need any explanation for those who knew Dr. Robinson 's reputation for downright stubbornness. Thero was no transfusión, however. It is said that Dr. Robort J. Brockenridge, on his doath-bod, only a short time before Dr. Robinson was taken ill, said that " two things are necessary for the good of tho Presbytorian Church in Kentucky and tho South- first, that the Lord Uke me to heaven ; second, that ho tako Dr. Robinsou baok to Ireland, and keep him there."


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