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How To Make A Cheap Cellar-bottom

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In sections of the country where thcro is an abundance of eobble-stonos, colloct a few loads of them about four or tive inchcs in diameter, grade the bottom of the cellar, lay the cobbles in rows, and ram thern down ono-third thoir thickness into the ground, so that they will not rock nor be sunk below the line of the rows by any heavy superinoumbent pressure, such as the weight of a hogwhoad of niolagses or tierco of vincgar. The bettoni of the cellar should bo graded so that the outside will be at least two inches lower than the middle. A mistake somotinies occurs by grading the cellar-bottom in such a manner that tho center will bo two or three inches lower than tho outside. Whon this is tho case, should wator enter froin tho outside, it will flow di rectly towardathe raiddle. A 6traightedged board should bo placed frequontly on each row of stones as they are being rammed, so that tho upper sidos may be in a lino -with oach othor. After tho stones are laid and woll rammed down, place a'ew boards on'the pavement to walk on ; thcn mako a grouting of cloan saud and water lime, or Rosendale cement, aad pour it on tho stones until all the intorstices aro filled. As soon as the grouting has set, spread a layer of good cement mortar one inch thick over the top of the pavument, and trowel tho surfaco off saioothly. In ordor to spread tho mortar true and oven on the 'surfaco, lay an inch board one foot from the wall on the surfaoe of the pavemont, stand on the board, and fill tho space with mortar even with tho top of tho board ; after which, movo the board one foot, fill the spaoe with mortar, and trowol it off smoothly. Such a floor will coat lesa than a board floor, and will enduro as long as the superstructure is kept in repair. A floor rĂ¼ade in tho forogoing manner on the ground in the bnseuioiit of a barn, a P'oSery or a stable, would be rat-proof, and would be found cheaper and moro serviceable than a plank floor. The work should bo dono in tho formor part of tho growing season, so that tho oemont may have sufficient time to become dry and


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