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At the Saline charter elcctlon, held ou the Gtli ust., The Order of Good Templara, notwltlistandlag the sliarp practiceof some partles who, it s said, crowdetl themselves before the pcople to guide and direct their public afTiirs, eaw fit to put thcm down and clid so most effectually, by clectlng the President, Geo. W. Hall, (a noble choice), and some othars of the more important ollicers, which should serve as arebuke to all iuterlopers., ■ W. The Junior Exhibition of the High School will be glven on Friday evenlng, the 22d lnst., in the hall of the central buildiug. Tho High School stül owes ;j;lo on the Piano purchased last year, and to meet thls liability an admlsslon fee of 25 cents will be charged. The Marca number ol the Industrial Munlhly is on om' table, and its contents are such as will uot fail to logtract or in terest all engagel iu mechauicil pursuits. Araoug its coutcnts are : Soluble Glass aud its Application ; Leetures iu a Workshop, No. 3 ; Metallic Packing, ills.: Hovr to Mako a Clieap Cellar Bottom ; Statiouary bteani Engincs ; Qreal Workmen aud thuir Tools; Huw to Bolld Brlck Chimneytops ; llow to Make FlreprOOÍ Buikliiiii-i ; Kunning the lleels of ijlioos Ovei ; anl DU merous other anieles, Wlth many Ilustra tions. $1,50 a year. Issued by The Industrial Publlcatiou Compauy, 176 Broadway, New York.


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