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Th3 Emperor of Japan rocently callee his nobles together and made to thern a important oommunication upon the a: fairs of tbo nation, from which we tak the sollowing extract, which appeared i the Japan Muil of the 23d of January : We are of tho opinión that tho reputa tiou for civilization, wealth and strengt possessedby the countries of tho glob arise from the power of industry and por severance which charactorize their popu latióos ; the roason why thoir population devolop their knowledge, polish their ta ent and give effect to their power of in dustry and perseverance, is that each in dividual does his best as a meniljer of th nation. We hae lately changed oor an cient systom, and desire to run equally i tho race with other countries. How ca we expect to succeed unless tho wliol population unanimously exerts to its fu tho power of industry and porseyerance The nobles in particular occupying, a they do, an honorable and important po sition, and being the object of the obser vation of tho whole people, aro lookot upon as modls of aotion. Is it possib] to dispense with an extraordinary degre of industry and pesseveranco on thei part, such as will fif them to be the load ers int animating the people 'i Their re gponsibilities are indeed grave. This i the reason why wo summon you horo to day, in order that we may communicat our wishes to you in person. In order to. secure the result of iudustry and perseverance, nothing is necessary but to devclop knowledge and to xiolish tálente, nothing elso is required but to fix tho oyes upon tho aspect of the civilization of tho world, to cultívate puisuits of actual utility, to go abroad for purpeses of study in forcign countries, and to learn practically. It may suflice for those whose advanced age precludes thoir being ablo to remain and study, to make a tour abroad, to widen their circle of knowledge by seeing and hearing, thus to iinprovo their understauding. In consequence, too, of the want of a system of woman education in our country, many women aro deficiënt in intelligence. Besides, tho education of children is a thing which is connected intimatoly with the instruction of thoir mother, and is really a matter of the most absoluto importanco. There is, therofore, of courso, not tho slightest objection to those who go abroad tftking their wive, daughtors, or sisters with thein, so that they may learn that the instruction of femalos in foreign countries has a good foundation, and may become aoquaintcd with the right system of educating childron. If you will all o you rally, give your attontion to thi question, and exert your powers of indas try and persevoranco, there will be no difficulty tor us advauoing in tho región of civilization, in laying tho foundation of wealth and strongth, and in running oqually in tlie raco witli tho other countries of tho world. Do you, thoreforo, tako well to heart our wishes ; each of you do his bost and assist us in gaining the object of out hopes. Tho Troasnror holds as surety for national bank circulation $373,825,250 ; for deposits of public money, $15,659,000. The national bank ciroulation outstanding at this date is 1331,180,792.


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