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The King's Mistake

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A number of politicans, all of whom were seeking office under the governinent, were seatedmder a tavern porch, whcn an old topor numod Joel D., a persou who was very loquacious when oorned, but exaetly the opposite when sober, said that he -would teil theni a story. They told hicr'to fire away whereupon he spoke as follows "'M certaih king had a philosopiicrr upon whose judgment he always depended. Now it happcned onc day that the king took it into his head to go hunting, and suramoned his nobles, and makhïg the necessary preparations he summoned the philosopher and askcd him if it would rain. The philosopher told him it would nok, and tbey started. "Whilo journeying ttMig'theyiiietracountryman mountcd on a jaokass. "Ho advised them tó return, 'for,' said he( 'it will certainly -rain.' They smilcd contemptuously upou him, and passed on. Before they had gono raany ■ uiile? however, they had' résson tó regret not fiaving' üt&eiï-tb ■ rustio's advice, as a showoi' coming up drenchcd theni to the kin. When they had returned to the palace the king repriuianded the philoso pher severely. " I mot a countryman," said he, " and he knuws a grcat deal more than you do. Ho told me it would rain, whereas you told me it would not." T4e king thon gave him his walking paper aiid sent for the countryman, wiio soon made his appearance. ' Teil me," said tho king, "how you kncw it irould rain." " I don't know," said the ritstic, "rny jackass told me so." "And how, pray, did he teil you ' " asked the king. "By pricking up his ears, your Majesty," said the rustici "The king sent the r-ostic away, and procuring ths jackaas oí him, he placed him, the jack'ass, in thó office the philosopher filled. "And here," observed Joel, looking very wise, "is where the the king made a great inistake." "How,' inquired the auditorg. "Why, ever since that time," said Joel, with a grin on his phiz, "every jackass wants office."


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