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Fresh Fields For Heroism

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Heroisui consista ossoutially in having tho ooolnoss, courage, and unsclfishness to attenipt and do wlmt vory few would venturj. ïho object should also be laudable. 1. Let all youthful smokers of tobáceo conqupr the growing habit; all snufFurs reserve thoir noses for theit original uses ; and all ïnastieators of tho weed spare their inouths and the public highwuys. 2. Let all yoilDg men who havo bi'guu to enjoya "fríendly glass" forego it at once, oven thougli it bo grQÉentOd by the fairest hands, oa the gftyest bélidagr, of tugad with vuried baotejring and entroaty at the most brilliant table. 3. Let all Lulas whoso tasto and judg ■ ment revolt ogaingt absurd fasliions, irno'të them. Why shoiild froe Asnorioans be ruled by tho caprioos of a few modinttt or ordert'd how to diess by a magazine writei whom thcy would not invito to lunch, if known? ■1. Letyouiifí ludios daro to go homo it rationa! eWmtnff boon. Their eolor, health, spii-its, and livos, in sumo instances, will be savud by such courage. 5. Let the young men weat tlm old glovcs, liat, and coat till thoy can honostly afford the mw. Mon sclmoled to Buch deeds of hcroism wül rafuse to ii;dorso bad billa, wil! not vote for scamps, aor kneol ii thjn mud to sooundrela who Ïfivo laviahiy what thcy have gained Iüwcsslv, nor tiikc with nrids tho hand i f a villain, however exaitod. ü. Let nien rjfuso their nanioa (;o all pape-vs the contents of whioh thoy panuot jHirsoually vo.ueh fir,. ñíclloáing töstimo! nials. Any man aciuully out of Sin , Sing euu get a testimoiiial, aad jou may seo a duzon ñames to the testifyiug otcellcncu of ono wUoiu uíioh of the lozm


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