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Casualties In The Army

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Tho following abstract of woumls, - cidents and UijnxtM reportad iu tlio1 Unitod ïitates ariuy, from July 1, 1863t toDoc 31, 1870, is taken {ton circuit No. :, Siirgoon-Goneral's office, rooöiitly publi&hod : Hpraiui ..... 13,731 hiiii3 itnd sculds - 2,003 Cootusiona - 23,f5( Concnfio is of the braiu ... 152 Simple uatotnxed ... . 1,380 Compound Fracturas - - - Bit) Mng - - - _- Ï9S EMalocationfl - - iSL 'iiiii lüpt woiïnds .... 3,213fnctsed wonnds ..... 6,7"# ;.l uoimilM - - - 3,0Sf cedvounds - - - 1,691 Ponfüulns ...... 6R3 ■ accidenté .... 3,983 omicides ------ 8. -■ 9f Uuuging - - t -' 'i During the poriod ombraoed in tüc reporta tho stvength of tho ariny was suc- cössivoly 1. 0,00(), 80,000, üJ.OO 30,OUÜ. The average strcngtli would prob- :ibly not ext'od "0,000. Tlio casualties iiumber 81,109. Thetablo presonts-aicurlous and interoating study, cvon to nonpl'tifos.-jioiKil readers. It would be im-practicable to mako any comparison betweoii this tiiblo and tho casualties iin city of 70,000 inhübitants, altliough: the o:is(js if separutod inight bü comparud' to tho niortuary records of our cities. Ia. the army any accident which untits a soldler for duty t'or howêver slight a periodí comea onder tho observatiua of {.hu medical offleer i;nd is madö a matter of racord. In civil lito the great majority of sprains, burns, contusions, etc., aro troated by giniplo domestic remedies, and nujlicalattoinlanco ij not required. The munbiT oL reportod cases of drowniug, poisoulng;, horaicide and suicide seoins to us groatly in oxcess of tho proportion in civil liftt T:iis U;is froqiifutly boen romarked con'uorning suicides, and the ro; ..son is uvidcntt to all who are familiar with tho classofi men who enter the Bervico. Abaut thirty cases of sliootinp by guanls, of which two-thirds worñ fatal;, aro espocially noted. ïhreo instanoos are recorded of men shot by comjnission'. ed ofiioers whilo engagod in niutiüy. About sovonty-five injuries wcro rooeived in brawls, of which ono-thiul resultod'fatally. One liundrcd and twenty-fivo oasea of wounds received from ïiidiaHe aio gi ven. If we aro at liborty toinfep that records of tho 59,000 cases nof osps cially recorded aro of a pieco with thos of wliich dotailed reports are nuido.ou accident insurancc coinpanies, should et-r t iblish agencies throughout the arniy.


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