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Journalism In The United States

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Two very iutcresting tables, inado up in tho Census Bureau in "Washington out of reports of tho ninth census not yet published, shows at a glancu thonumber ot nuwspapors and periixlioals published in tho United States, thu numoer devoto! tó particular mteresta snd tho ilistribution according to frequency of pnblication. We gathei Ihe most suggfstive of the facts prosented by these tablns and ffive them to our readers. Tlio entire nuinber of 8oh publicationa try is noarlysix ïhousand - j,88ui Theso are divided as follows : Dulv, - - - 97-11 Semi-raHitUA - - 96 Tri-wtvklv. - - HIT Muiithly, -■ - 21 .Süini-weokly, - - ll.".l!i numthly, -■ - 13 Weckly, - - 4,S7(luiirturly, - - 3'J Total, 5,85. Of this immense aggregate seyentynino papers, raneing trom Woekly to quartérly, aro publisfud mly tuy dyertishig purpósés. Subtracting tneso as not fairly to be conntwl amonft tlio publications whioh illustrate the journalistic enterpriso of tho nation, we havo 5,766 newspapers and penoduals iw -tlie country - an average of abont one to 0,500 of thn popuhition. The whole nmnber is distributcid among vurious intcrosts as follows ' Polltioal, - 4,328 AgñeultureamihGirticuliuie 93 Bonevolent und scorët rcietie, - - 81 ('iiiiim.-ri'iiil iii'l lin m.i-il. - 123 I ilMt : Ltrii. litiaiy iii'i - - 502 SHH'i:illy devotfd to cntiunollty, - - w al aud iroti.MocHl -■ 207 .ui, - ■ - 407 Bporting! ö Tlu: ftggrogte circulation of daily papers in tlu; United State is '2,((G,549 ; Average oiroulation, 4,541. Xhe weekly pupers oiroulata 1(1,507 Ki'cxipies, with Ml aver.igo OÍ $lík Tin: Ci-iisii of Wumax Spfi'-eaob.- When women are Otttsdd with their grantedprayer, tliu ]iarJc:8 lot will fall on tho ono whose lot is hardest now. It is tho worfcing romen for whon, 1', is, askt'ü : hut it is the workin-g woüien on whom the gword will bo turned. They are tliu nnfriendsd or tho iasufticiently befriondt ed. Workiug women are chictty thoso whoso malo relations ure linable or unmÜina to swppoi't them. "The loving inid belovoJ wik," thi' "jwSted and cam's-imI daughtor" of the strorig and sueC f sful man will be scareoly conscious of changa. In hur wsotl-g-aardcd hoiuu it mftttere but little to her whother she is loveil by law or grace. But the unguar(led wainan muit tight with tlip sane real au I relativo disability as now; but with an asaumed, a legal equality, which preoludes privilege, thongh it cannot disr. arm fate. When she has u voK?, no do-, fined power, h"r positiojiisa constant ap- peal to chiv; 1 y, a constant rebnko tii brutality. When ajtte has seized th.p sf-. frage, her brutal emplujer and the aot entle brstaudei will not fail to say : "Now you bave got long-soujrht equality, n nke tbe most of it. Askno faI rnta and look out fot yourseif ."- Ou U [ lin, Üllon.


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