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The Cable Screw Wire Boots And Shoes

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Within ;i few yoíirs a now kind of fastening used in bottoiuing boots and shoo. has becoine very popular throughout thn "West. Instcad of pg3 a saiall metal Bcrew is drWuii through the solc, tho point of which, stiiliing firmly aguinstan iron bottomed last, is spread a little, so as to fonn a sort. of clinch, even with tho (iuri'ace of inner sole. The sorew is also spread very slightly iby tho driver at its outer extremity, "■thtich, addod to the holding power of the ïhreads of the aerew, is presnraed to make tho firmest and most durable fastening Itnoivn to the shon trade. In the pxocess of inunufacturing tho goods, the sarew wire is spooled from a raok, boing fed into a machine usually run by steain, and ■worked byi an tpWWtOT. Tho machine first oats the nre the ieqiinjd length, anï tten dttres thn scrow with one quick lkkv throngli the solid leather of tho sole and inner sole. rIíiis is done without the uso qí. au awl, but.a tho leather is moist and'pliablo the scre v enters without diffieultj', turning as it passes, for it ishardly in the nature of a screw to pass through il resisti'ng medium without tuniing. The cjjoration is an exceedingly rapid ono, in fact. The cost of producüon has been mnterially lessened by the machine procese, which Rtlppliea the market with a sui)i'rior quality of work at prices about the same as those asked for a similar grade of pegged goods. Millions of pairs aro now annually made for the western dcinnnd, as the dryness of the climate inuriably shrinks tho best pegged work to Mfrtartent that often renders worthless en tiro cases of boots and shoes before they Ibave thir tOielves of the dealers. It is conceded that cablu serew wire goods will not rip, and their elastioüy is cousidercd tn be equal to that of hanL-aewed work, as the screws are not placed too close together, and. it' vMires ojily nc row around the edge of the sole to iinpart sufficient strength. Tho heaviest kind of boots for winter service, and tho lightest fine calf boot for sumiuer wear ar dress occasions are equally ma iu j tho cable screw wire.


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