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Lest snnimer W.uixer boasted tliat 10 the svason of 1873 he would have for exhttion the linest collcction of animáis, the most elegaut cages, the buiulsomc-st baui car the yery bett circus, and the larges museum of rare curiosities tliat has ever greeted the opties of amusement worsblp ris. Ou Baturdar, May lltli, Wabnbr wil furuish the clttzeua of Ann Arbor a ralle o movint; evldence and rolling magnlflcence Nlneteaa huw addltlooal cages puloted in the blgbeat ityle Of art, and flllecl with aniinuls (one of vvhich is a mammoth Hhl" uoceros wetfihlng six tboosand poouds) wil!, with i)iiiiners Üytng, aiul pranclog, thoroughbred lioi-s-s, drlven by drivers in uniiortu, anil ftkllowing tlie hnge, curiously wrought and gorgeously decorateJ niyllio loglcal car of lh Pagans, proceed throagh our principal streets, exliibiting thealmost endless resources of one of the best maiiageil and graodest enlerprises in the aunáis of show hlstory. J. E. Warner & Co. have expended sullicieiit moncy on the GreatPacilic Museum, Menagerie and Circus this winter (o üi up balfa dozen ordlnary shows, and the public may make up thele that at last they will have an opportunity ol Beelng the Brst perambalatlng museum, inovlng zooloíjical instituto and equestrian aggregatlou in the vvorld. The grand pro cesiion, as it passes through the streots at preclsely ten o'clock lu tlie moruing, will iatlsfy all tliat the show is In every particular wortliy Of patronage. This establish ment uses three separate and dlatlnct tents, one ticket adinlttinj; tb all. Tnc Muy nu natter of the Liulia' lïepositorycoiues ft Uitle later than usual, but 1? just as welcoinc. lts steel platts, execu Uil as the Repotüory eugravlnga alwaya are In the best mauuer, are, ' Ou ihc IIill Bide, Wllbraham, Mass.," ;iml " Imiocence." Tiie table of contents, full and varied, ineludes four Illustratod anieles: Marine Memories, uy Plora L. Best ; Prom Stock liülm t.o Copen dagen, by W. C Bcunett; liuinble In Peru, n., by Augustus F. Li net ley ; aml the Canons of the Colorado. But these ure only iour of inorj th;in a score of readable papers, besldes the " Children's Hepository" and the Editorial Department, both well Ulied f8.50 a ye r. Hitchoock & VVaIiDBS, Ciiiciniiuti. Prom tbe same we have the May Golden Buur, i'!l of seusonable (ruit. It is etiougu to su t is u fiooii Domber of a num beroae magazine, guch a magazine as may be put lato th.: 1 inds oí the boys anti glrla of any l'umily without liesitution. $d B y sar.


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