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Cost Of Horses On Farms

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Vc see the cost ot' keeping horses discussed somewhat in some of the English agricultural journals. It is estiinated that the kecping of a horso for farm work costd as follows : For foed f or a year, - . . flCOOO Hhoeing .... . 3 5U Repairs of harneas and gearinff - - q 60 Interest on coat at $150, ut รถ percent. - 750 $117 50 His wear and tear, and HTBretge risk oi' loss by disoase, and loss by deterioration, is placed at ono-tonth his value, but is not counted here. Oa light lauds, farms of 400 acres, where 100 acres were in roots, and 20 acres of fallow wereallowed for each pair of horses, the number of horses kept wero ten. On a stiff clay soil, where 4;j aorea were in rools, only 9 1 -2 acres of fallow wcre allowed to each pair, and nine horses wero kept. On a clay farm of 1,600 acres, 400 acres were in roots or fallow, 6G horses were kept, or an average of 12 acres to each pair of horses. On one of the first prizo farms, whero the land was considered moderately friable, which contained 300 acres, and there were 75 acres in roots or fallow, nine borses were einploycd to do the work. In summing up ou a number of farms it was found that a pair of horses would average about II 1-1 acres of fallow, and the average was one pair to every 60 acres of arable land, and tlmt its yearly cost por acre was at the rate of $ per acre. Havo any of our farmers takon this matter into consideration ? Whnt is the cost of their team work por acre? And we mean by this all the work roquisite in the managemont of thn ferm according to the oxtent of its arable land, or land that comes within the range of the production of crops ; not forest or woodland or land unimproved, but which yields a erop. In the management of land, and the working of it according to a cortain system, or rotation, the oconomy of team work is a part of tho business that is important, and which should bo thoroughly understood. Now, which of our correspondents can give us the cost of maintaining the team, the harness, tho wagons, usod in tho work of doing tho neoessary team work of tho farm, no matter what its sizo ?-


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