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Captain Hall's Arctic Expedition

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Advices are received from the Arctic expedition under Captain Hall to March 1. The Polaria had been two days at Disco, Greenland, undergoing repairs and procuring a fresli supply of provisions. On the afternooh of Fohrnary 8 sho encountered very heavy waather, and by rcpoated collisions whai Captain Hall termed 'tiee-snags". nprung a lak so that sho was ohliged to beur sp tor Diaco. The mere and even the. oihcers and professional at taches of rtie'cotpedition sustained an unromittinffivorking)f tho pump tlio harbor was-ruoeiisd, and thcu-the liold wfts Howiiter-logged and the men s,o éxhattetcl that'JüaptAÏn Hall announcedtht another ■ day at sea would havo eausod thein to abandon tho vessel. It irns necessary to throw over a largo (Juarjtity of provisión. Several strangu discovewes had been made which lud to thd convietion tliat in tho extreme and vuidiKCOvorod NortU thero is at times a gi nial ahnosptiero and open seas. Piants wcie detected in tho ico which aro indigenous to southern climates, and the exüinination of a floating stick of wood found on tSaturday, January 24, proved it to bo a limb of some huge birch. Throijgliout the whole month of January vcry Iittle ice was seen, and each night tlo sky m all sides glittered with meteors of the most gorgeous description, which 'flashed so brightly and wildly across tho finiament as to dazzle the strongost oye ight. The most important clew to tho oxisteuce of a polar passage is the fact that the crew of the Polaris had seen, followed and killud a whale having in ons of it titis a harpoon similar to thoso usud in tho South Pacific, and tliis hapl'nod in a región where, as Captain Hall says, " the sail of an American or Euro- pean v ssol hud never been given to the wind before." In May Captain Hall liopes to make a olear passage to the undiscovered Pole, and learn all necessary informatdon concerning tliat región about which so muoh bas been conjectui'ed, and for which so. many nublo Uves have been s icrificed. Captain Hall assorts that if thoro be any liabitable land in the vicinifcy of the Ñorth Pole, it will be a nejdus t sdubrious climes, and his only Éear is tiiat he and his men may have to encounter before landing a new and formidable race of human beings. After the Polaria had been thoroughly caulked and prep r 1 fot s.a, which it was thought wo ilil be about Wedncsday, the 6th of Maich last, she was to start upon the oririnal.courso, and tho Captain proposed to earry an abnndanca of ooal, so that he may mako all p.ssible headway during this available season. Captain Hall expects to bj at liome in September.


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