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Sherman At St. Petersburg

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A grand reception awaits Gen. Shernan at St. Petersburg. It will open the eyus oc Europo to tlie magiúíicence of which tVie great Northern nation is capable. Our naval offieers Lavo already liad occasion to testify to it, and say that it is gomi'thiug bevond description. ThoEmperor of Russia has in grateful retnembrauce tho reception which America acooidfld thc young naval lieutcnant from his llcot the other day, nd intends to ove rwhebn Sherman with honors and Rplcndurs. Gen. Shuriuan md young Orant. ac ■-ojnpaiiicd by Minister Curtin, will pioctiifl to the Oauoasua shortly, and theno to Astrakhun. Fruía that point thev will go un tho Vol{a to Nijnil Movgorod, whero Sherman will have a chance u,geo the jumping off point, and they will come back to Mjoaoowand St. Peteraburg, rcacliinir tliu oapitAl lato in 'May. Banquefs, procepsions, church festivuls, pron eTados, public and privato receptions in grcat nnmbsr are ilrwuly arrange'i, oii'l it is rumorod that the BmperorOzar will t.'ilce t!u3 occasion to pass a gran3 revi w, which shall be the moam of hp ing his teeth to Prussia and his other b cud enemies. It is probable that thc! reviéw will be ono of the frrandest erer held in Europe, as ecveral hun&red thousüiid ot' well trained soldicrs will participóte in it. Oen. Sherman's pn.sence wuuld afford tho a goód excuse lor passing in review his new and reorganizud trnij', aml doubtloH tho hero of xbü Mareh tu tbw Sea will bo delighted with the formidable nrray of ibreos which our Northern frjends have at their disposal. The Comuna Coal Company i now employiug over eiglity hands, tliongh ae yet there is no óireot ritilroail coraiuunication with the mine--. Within sixly days, however, a section of the Kast 8aginaw and Aim Albor roinl, and also the Detroit and Hilwuukee railroad, will [ onnect directly with the COftl works, and the foroe at the mines will be more than loubled. T wel ve or lifteon dwaling houses are now being orected on thecoraT)ay's lands for the accoinraodation of an inoreaged forc. Last week the misera had a strike, based on the action of sc - ral ítrikos in the coal vftlleys of Pennsy - Jjia; a compromiso, however, was in - j . Ijn'iy itt;i:to i, and the mou leturned "■ digging." - 8iiawasiee American. ' '


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