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We append the resoiutions adopted by the Xcw York Domocratic State Couvention, held at iLochosU.-r on tho 15th and lüth iiist.: The Democratie party of the State of New York, Msembled in regular oonvention to select delogates to a national convention, to be held at lialtimore, to nomínate candidatos for President and VicePresidcnt, declare mul resolte : That we recognize the changes in tho 11 at are and coustitutiou of tho government whioh have taken place and, without reoponing the questions of the past, are Teady now tö co-opera te with tnose; whatever their previous party afliliations, who favor limited and1 localizcd governments, who soek to réstrain tho exorciso by Congress of absoluto and general powers, to proveut its entering on general private legislation, to restrain the growth of vast eorporations, and to work a pormanent civil servios reform; and be it furthey ,■ whed, Thiitthe recent declaration of ]Klitieal principies by the Convention of Oincinnati is evidenoe of tho progresa of public opinión towards sound and wholoBome views of government ; that we believo all patriotic citizens in iy unito upon that platform for the purposo of restoring the honcst admirrstration of national affaira and enforoing the obligations of tho Constitution ; and our dciogates to lJiiltimore aro instructed to take the oonrse best calculated to Becuve the triuinph of thoso principies and the sclection of any oandiaatea representing th;in who shall meet the ftpproval of the Democracy in National Convention ussembled. Mr IIenry B. StANTOX, who was in attondance upou the ltoehester Convention as a correspondent of the Sun, telegraphed to that paper as follows, in reforenee to tho delegation seleoted to represent New York Stato at Baltimoro: Tin; delegation will earofully watih tho drift of ilic tidé and act aocordingly, at Baltiraore. I think I ara closo to the mark whon I say that if tho Liberal Republicana want the delegation to take tho initiative at Baltimore in favor of Dr. y, they muit swell the liberal üKiv.Miioatto formidable dimensions. The Deiflocrats who have ■lected to represent tlr's Stute in the National ConTention have no inteiition of taking stock in a losing oreven a doubtful entorpriso. [f they !tr going to be 'naaten they preLer defeat ander their own il-ip'. 1 know ' the temper of the New York Demoorsoy as exhibited by its lc uden? here, and I do not miajudge wkn I Bay thut they aro wüling to take Greeley and lïrowii, if it appeaiB to thera that in that way, - and ii) that way alone, they eau 1 throw Grant, they are wholly disinclined ' to try any doubtful experimenta in that rlireetion. Therefore lot Dr. Greeley and his friends govorn themselves accordingly and make a satisfactory exhibit ot their strongth if thfiy want the hulp of the New York delegation at the Demosratic National Conrention. f


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