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Treat The Cows Kindly

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There are too many who exhibit a rougliness of trealmont towards the oow and yot 110 doinestic animal uro moro sensitivo, or moro quickly feel tho unkindness showu thom. They can be made docile and mild in their dispositions, 01 timid and wild, just in accordance with tho troatmont they receive from the herder and milker ; and it is a well established faet that a cour will transmit her dispobition, in great dcgreo, to her progeucy. A rough, quick-tempered p6rbou, sliould nevor be employed as a inilker ; and ono who will, on any protense whatevor, kick, or strike a cow, should bo ├╝ckod in turn, from Iho barn-yard into the street, and never bo allo wed to return, Guntleness will inoreus (he quantity ot' milk, as has been shown by a change of a (ruel and iraseiblo milkor to one who practicod kind and gentle treatment. It is an injury to cows to be drivon faster than un eusy walk, to or from their pogtni'os. To bo urged by thoughtless boys, and thosu perhaps on horsouack, ia to produeo a faver and heating of tho blood which is sure to dry up or losson the flow of milk. Cows should always be mado as conjfortabls as posaible, summer and ter ; it puys to do it. -


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