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1 lua term, in medicino, according o 80me, coinprehends the whole rèlrinieh of lito, with regard to air, moat, drink-, sleep, watching, motion, rest, the passions and excretious. I restriot tlio term to e&ting and drinking alono. The natural con&titútion of tho body of man is sueh, that it can easily benr somc ohangeS and irregularities without nmcli iiijury. Had it been otlicrwise, we should bo ulinost constantly put out of order by very slight oause. This advantage comes from tho wonderful eommuniciitions of thu inward parts, whereby when ono part is affocted anothor comes iiumrdiuU'ly to its relief. 'l'lnis, whon tho body is too í'ull, naturo oaúseg evacuatiön through somo of tho outlcls; nul tor this iv.-ison, disca?es froni alisiilulc ituinition Em generally moro dangerous than from repiutiun, unh'ss iaitor be exeesMw ; because w.o oaa more expeditously dirtlinisli than increaso the juicos of tlie body. Upon the samo account though tenijmrance be bcnefieial to all men, tho micuiit physioiansadvise persons in good hoalth, now and tlun, to eat ;iinl drink moro ulmndantly thun usual. But of the tio, intemperanco in drinking is safer than in eating. If a man be obliged to fast, ho ought to avoid all laborious work. From satiety it is not proper to pass directly to sharp hunger, nor from hunger to satiety ; noither will it be sife to indulge in absoluto rost imruediately ai'tur excessive labor, nor suddenly to fall to hard work aitcrlongidlenew. In a word, uil chances in the way of living would bo made by degree3. The softer and milder kinds of aliraont ar prupur tor ohildrun, and tor youth tUa ströngur. Üld peoplo óught to lossou the quntity of their food, and inoroïse that of their drink ; but some allowance is to to bo mado for oustora, cspecially in cold clinmtes lik; ours ; for as in these the appetite is kütner, so is tku digostion better porforuied. Milk pottage for breakfast ïb tar moro wholesome than toa with broad and tutter ; and, if made after the followina; luannei', is in many respecta preforable to uiilk alone : Let equal quantities of milk and water bo boiled up with a littlo oatmeal, wliich will break the viscidity of tho milk. and be at the same time more oagily digesttd than tho latter in tui iu-.diluti:d statu. Besidet, oatmeal is a mueb warmer nourishment than wliuaten ilour and agrees bottor with wetik Ktomaohs.-


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