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E M GHKooKY.of thuOiesory House esierday afternoon. g,rawbcn ie have boon In niarket ,vs; brought from Egypt'""0,.lU.ryour SMpplng Ta?3 fiora the líos . Wc have sevc-i-dl sizes In ■"iVaxiNOTox exhlbiteda two-Jietded jL the streets yeattrdajr. A cunosity : Ti,c dome on the University building liKiuH uot eufrely completed. It ' ti-csaUne appearance. T!,c public twbool were closed Wed'j ciu-sDiy h:ivlng attractious lor Tjieaclier nd scholars. ' HeV J H. McCahthy, of Adrián, wlll L in the M. E. Church on Bumlay L. mornirs and evenln:; XI, . erner stonc of the new Cathollc .'„rch'itPexter was latid "e 2Sd I) hop BonoEM offlclatlniï. : („pons Bliowen liave been in order tn weck, umler the infliiencc of JL wheil ud gras have made rapW "do-oim'-íoh da y was not observed in 'tv yester -lay, to the Itreat disgust of jjnlferslty and Union School boys and .■$ ho wen: plttïng tiiX a hüliday. Tpotato bu? !mve put in their appearXn lar-e f..rci'. :ui'l necd active polic!Twith liberal doses of Paris green, g:isw rbolate of Mme, or bomethlng else. „The contract Ims been let Tor the MdtUon and baaeracot story of the new Lregntional Cliurch on St:ite etreet, Jtiework ofexovatlon is progressdog 't. Du. HoOKits.of Chicngo.eurjuííhonic Mt Erot)e and t,he further East, is vWA. ,„',l,is brothor i this city He reports ■dolph arrived safely at Rome before u gft, ,The four "Senior" editora of the Chronaktvlnggot above their business four ,tiors have been c'.ected toanecjed tfcem : CE.Kee:or, C. Ö. Wllson, C. L. Wüsuu' Chas. Wells. The baUlcments or bihistrades of the .vorsity búlld ptfftr-IKW wlngs-have , ;;1jni off, aiul the iieaiiiients beln? .,'tnpwill decldedly improve the iuoks, cblcb títere ws great need. _lutlieG.rcuit Oourt, on Túesdáv, an rierwia take.u fov a.jnry to -assess the „llruid ris'n-of v:iy dainaM cross the „eral pieees f jsroperty of the Weii, Imilwrs Numerous other petitious are Z H. W GW.STON as been elected ires.jfaofrl 'UuiversHv Cjjiisllan Associa ion for the coming yea3 D. A. Matftwg, Vice ftwldent, G. Y. Ci.rá?:, SecreL{ V. II. Townsesd, Tfe.isurer ; and A. K CooFKR Iibnu-ma. _It is Kh!pered aronnd town, bnt ■■.bly v.'Wiout cause, tít our nelghvruftlit- Cniri-r wlll raake a ÍUnk move K„ton Washin-ton durins hls absence, „,i a,e his posiiion is a delégate to get jjjuge i Postinastet tor tlr.s eitv. -The Circuit Coárt opeiicd on Monday l, Ith 75 cases on the calendar, r.s lollÜVlssues of Fact, 44; Iinparlance, 10; Üw, 8 ; Crimina!. 8 Chancery, 10. A lenuinber were dlsposed of on lirst cali iLi'j :ry wns put to work on ffyeiday. -VotxeV H. 5iw.i,pino b 'x-'p'1 l'lectírtPrcíl tent of the Studcn'V 1.. ■ e As i, j.tion fjr .'..e coming year; THEoDORK 11 tanoK, VicPwMeiit ; V. II. Loye, Cor r;ooling Sccremry ; DlHM F.w.;, HMlar; : mul C. II. GjöM(i Tws;arer. - At the c .nvfiiti'iii óf th Alpha elt BFratenilty, held Ih Deiro t Int week, 'ntf M C. Tyi.ku mS elected President rlhc coming year Tiie orator of the ÜrtOB as ex Senator Dooi.rni.f.; tíie po :iï F;tsK Skwei, of Urbana Uuiver:if,01i!o. - In the Circuit Court on Tuesfiay Jndge Ürdeclded tlultol Daakk galosi ÜMKU, to rectivóv. back Tícense mdllfj ui iimlcr tliè öld ardiilance. He held the miniiiice IVIcgAl and void,- in coofllct iththe Conslitutloh of the Statc- b ut ïvejiilsineut tar defenduit, haldlng the ted piid volnnt-:nly With nó promise rblif;ation to refund.


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