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Class Day At The University

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The exorcisos of Class B.ij ui the .unifcrsity, set down tot Wednesday laat, time off according to tha programnie, jkd may be summarized as i'ollows: WeU-filled M. E. Church in the foreoon, with prayer by Rev. Dr, CoCKER ; ;ntion, ".The Forces öf History," by J. f. Dutton' ; poem, "The Tweutieth Cenlury," by WALTEK A. BrÜóKS ; the bonriictionj by Dr. Willtams ; uild uuA aterspersed: The Detroit duilies have ilready giveu abstracte of oration and fwm, and tho next Chrtmkle iwjll, probaoiy, supplement the abstracts tvith fullreports. The aflernooh erercises on tho campus, reiir of the Law Building, coh'siited of C'ws History, by W. T. Uxderwood, 'bo bumorcusly (lotailed the frolics and capades of tho moiábeís jointly and sev'rally, "pony" rides, sidewalk raids, W affair?, etc. ; tho Prophecy, poftm, by 2e .tok Xeuhoff, who placed bis fcllows 1 1900 according to the let of his iruag■üon ; presentatiou of " Eewords of ïerit " - a " mean-timo chronometer (in Ws) to the " coming man," ono Criius"1E, who during his whole college course ii nover been on time for any exercise r appointment ; and "What I Know About Farming," to the representativo toember of the Farmers' Club ; dedicaron of the Class Ivy, with an address by " J. Mapel; and miseellancous doings. Tlie day was beautiful, tho elements P'ipitious, all the machinery worked "Hoothly, and a heap of enjoyment, cbEally for thoso who understood the "Mts," was crowded iríto a few hours. And now tho Seniors " lay off duty " and it for Commenceinent and their shoepkitis. Water-works ire agrin the topic of dis'Msiou In our city, the pr.ject being to 'fing water frora the lakes west of the city, 'kim 22 miles. These lakes are found to "'0 feet above Iluron strect, and ilie waler are clalmecl to bc soft and of good IWiily. Soine Investí stations have, we "lerUnf], been iistituted to test the tttttlty. Our city nceds Water-works - 'ifnlslilng water both for tmosehoM aiul ' purposes- and If a thoroujrli inveMigationscttles tlie p'4nt tliat Ilie lakes lu PMon are ilie trtie source of suppljr, not '"Oporarily but eiaiaiiently, the rilit '"ck hasbee struck. But no rtukasboald 'fiiti or costly expenditiifcs ui de iintil J'1']', quantity, and accumpllshment ' been ressonably establUUed. Auutlitrcekour readers uuiy hcar from the """nlttee engaged In Investlgating the Wjeet


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